Wednesday, 4 January 2012

How to Get a Successful Mindset

So far, we have become more aware of where we’re going, where we are now, and the individual traits that will help us get there in terms of our amazing existences.

Now we need to think success.

Firstly, it is important to recognise this: that success is all mindset. Why? Because success is relative. Success means different things to different people; there is no one, true scale of success. In fact, success is defined by Encarta Dictionary merely as the ‘achievement of intention’ – with no indication of how ‘big’ that intention must be. So, if one of your intentions was to go to college and you have gone to college, you are already a success on that level.

Do you see? The important thing is not the success at all, but the intention (or dream, or vision etc.) itself. What is your intention? Perhaps that’s the big money question. If you change your intentions, you change your successes.

But the intention is often the easy part; most of us have an image of where we want to be quite fixed in our minds - we proved this in our earlier sketches. The hard bit is really believing we can achieve it; believing we possess the capacity for success.

If you want to think successfully, it is clear that you need to think confidently; with an unfailing certainty bolstering your intentions. But confidence is a challenge if we are relentlessly focusing upon our as-yet-unachieved-intentions, instead of the small successes we have accomplished. By only ever focusing on the things we’ve yet to achieve, we perpetuate a cycle of striving but not actually succeeding. Ergo, it’s time to start seeing yourself as a success in the present.

♥ Success is all mindset, because success is relative.
♥ Change your intentions and you change your success rate.
♥ Confidence will bolster these intentions, and we can instil this confidence by shifting focus to our existing successes.

Get sure of yourself as a success.

1. Write a list of five to ten things you have already been successful in, from the smallest exam, to the perfect interview, to cultivating an amazing talent or knowledge within a subject. Begin each line with: 
I am/have been successful in...
By reminding yourself that you are already a success, the successful mindset becomes something far more tangible and achievable, and perhaps you see that it was yours for the taking all along.

2. Next, write down five to ten things that you strive to be successful in, from a precise skill, to abundant riches, to far-off travel, to marriage and kids. Write these as:
I will be successful in...
(Note: Be sure not to allow yourself more intentions than previous successes, as this sort of defeats the object of the exercise!) See my example:

 Click for larger version!

Now, instead of just a list of intentions, you have a list of evidence of your existing ability as an achiever plus your intentions. Regularly review what you have been successful in, to spur on future success. Et voila! We are in possession of the successful mindset.


Elimy said...

Look at you go, Miss Positivity! Now, you say you will be successful in completing your second novel... does this mean that there is a first floating around somewhere that I can buy, or will "being successful at getting my first novel published in a format that Australian readers can buy" be added to list two? :)

Megan said...

Elimy - Ahaha! No published novel, unfortunately, but I did complete a manuscript of one when I was 18 and, though I don't think I'll ever try to publish it (it felt more like a warm-up if you know what I mean?), I still wanted to recognise here that I'd done it :) AND it is a very recent goal (read: formulated yesterday) to finish a novel I started in my third year at uni in my spare moments at work. And that's one I would like to publish, but I didn't want to put 'publish' as the goal because it feels gargantuan even just to finish it at this stage. Maybe I should join your writing group for a bit of feedback!

Lara said...

love your blog! you're amazing!:**

kimberley said...

Wow, your success list makes me feel lame haha. I know its not the intention but wow!

Megan said...

Kimberley - Noooo! Don't say that! Complete the list for yourself and I BET you're surprised. I really didn't realise what I'd achieved in the past two years before I wrote my list.

Kathy said...

Wow ! I have achieved much more than I thought This has opened my eyes to see that . I have much more I would like to accomplish & know I can !
I hope you don't mind me commenting on my progress daily ...

Megan said...

Kathy - I'm loving you commenting on your progress! Keep it up!

Pinky said...

Finally up to date with the "program" but am stressing over the Self Servey - but i guess that is the reason for doing it - finding out what makes me happy and altho at first thoughts I am not sure!
Will get there soon!

Helen said...

I've found it helpful to look back at my 2010 version of this exercise and compare it to the one I've just done. It feels good to see that several things from my 2010 "I will be successful in" list are things I have now achieved! Also, it has been really cool to see how my goals have changed and how I have grown over the years. :)

gluedtoapost said...

This is such a great exercise for confidence! Thank you for sharing it with all of us. I adore your list #2, especially because I'm on a Fulbright right now (to Turkey), hoping to move back to SF or NYC when I get back to the States, and working on my Turkish! Your goals were especially inspiring to me :)

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