Thursday, 5 January 2012

How to Keep a Clean Slate with Yourself

Almost the only thing that ever truly holds us back from the dream life we deserve is, I believe, ourselves. 

Often, this is because we are stuck solid on events in the past. Think about it: we are creatures of our experiences; manifestations of our previous conditions. Our entire world view is based upon our knowledge of the past. And what if our past wasn’t all that great? Tough luck, it seems. All we will ever know is that to attempt is to fail and to dream is to be disappointed - because our past taught us that lesson.

But what if we began to let our experience of the world be lead, instead, by our curiosity and aspirations for the future? What if we began thinking forward – or upward – instead of backward? What if our proverbial slate was always clean and not marked with the problems of the past? Then no longer would we limit ourselves to the confines of our personal histories, but instead saturate our lives with possibility and chance and grand expectation.

It is impossible to really grow as a person if you are forever holding on to the dead weight of your regrets. Imagine a daisy growing out of the earth; how could it sprout upwards if it kept the weight of all that dirt on its tiny petals? It couldn’t, so it forgets its grubby roots, shakes of the soil and looks to the sun.

It is an incredibly powerful thing to be able to forgive yourself and move wholeheartedly forward into the brightest future you choose. Remember that whether or not you feel your life has been ‘amazing’ up until this point doesn’t matter, what matters is that it can be amazing; what matters is where you go from here.

♥ We are creatures moulded by our pasts, but that doesn’t mean we cannot begin to thrive on the possibilities of the future.
♥ Lose the dead weight of regret.
♥ Whether you interpret your life up until this point as ‘amazing’ or not doesn’t matter. Now matters.

This is a nice and easy homework, but very effective if completed with enough enthusiasm. On an entire, clean page in your journal, write an affirmation of forgiveness and forward-thinking. Originally, back in 2010, I suggested that you use a line from this article, famous quote, or your own statement. This year I really want to encourage you to come up with your own because this will always mean so much more to you – and is an interesting way to excavate your authentic feeling on the topic.

This year I’m using:

‘Who I am begins again with every breath.’

I honestly don’t know where that came from, I just sat quietly for a moment and then POOF there it was, and yet it feels incredibly powerful for me. Let me know what you come up with!

Now, whenever your notebook opens on this page, you will be reminded of this powerful statement – keep it in your mind and you will keep a clear platform for future accomplishments and not past regrets.


Kathy said...

The past is over . I reclaim my power to create my own amazing future .

Anonymous said...

This homework is actually harder than any of the others so far! I'm excited to see where this will lead...

Megan said...

Kathy - That rocks! Really proactive. I might borrow it... :D

Anon - Funny that such a seemingly simple action, when it takes a great deal of honesty and authenticity, can actually be rather challenging. Words are kind of my thing, so perhaps I was a bit presumptuous saying it was 'a nice and easy one'! If you really struggle, using a great quote can still provide the same source of inspiration. Let us know what you decide on!

Pinky said...

I have - Always look forward for you are worth it.

Kathy said...

Thank you Megan ! After the year I had , I am ready to take charge !

The Dotty One said...

Mine is quite simplistic but I think I am going to go for: "Let go. Look forward." or maybe "Let go. Look forward. Thrive."
I'm going to sleep on it though to see if anything else pops into my head!

connie said...

I LOVE your affirmation Megan. Just reading it makes me feel like a huge weight has been lifted off my shoulders. Amazing

Thank you xx

Autumn said...

This blurted out of my head before I was even really finished:

I am strong, brave, kind, and honest.

It's not fancy or philosophical, but this is my affirmation- simple enough for me to carry in my mind but strong enough to make a point.

Anonymous said...

I think I've finally decided on: "Every day is an opportunity to reinvent myself. It doesn't matter what I did or didn't do yesterday - today, I can be amazing and accomplished." I'm just worried that it's too long!

Megan said...

Pinky - Nice one. The idea of feeling 'worth it' or deserving of the future you picture for yourself is incredibly powerful.

Kathy - You are really inspiring!

Dotty One - I love the addition of 'thrive', great power word.

Connie - So welcome! It feels like that for me too; a constant way to feel regenerated despite life's goings-on.

Autumn - Simple and effective - exactly what an affirmation should be!

Anon - Perhaps a little long in that you might not remember it word for word, but if you just remembered the first sentence (which I love!) it actually says the rest kind of inherently.

kimberley said...

I did three because im greedy.

In each moment I am born once more.
In every moment I am born afresh (I really like that word)
Every new moment is a clean page.

Bee said...

Take every chance to liberate yourself from negativity.

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