Tuesday, 3 January 2012

How to Reclaim Your True Individuality

Do you feel truly individual? 

It can be enormously difficult to distinguish your own individuality when you are constantly bombarded with exterior influences. As a result, a shameful few of us are truly happy being who we are. The fact is, however, that we will only ever be ourselves – a self that can evolve and bloom into other glorious, glimmering translations – but our self all the same. And, actually, I think such an evolution can only really begin when we accept our individual-assets in the present.

I say let’s start channelling our power into making the best of the self we hold in our hands right now and give-up the complaining and the fight to be something else.

If you emotionally abandon yourself in an endeavour to be a prescribed self (someone that somebody else tells you to be) you are missing the point entirely and setting yourself up for a pretty miserable existence. True individuality thrives on self-understanding, and we’ve already made steps towards that with our first two exercises.

The mindset to achieve for true individuality is feeling privileged, excited and joyful at the prospect of just being you. Your individuality is your most important and treasured commodity in the quest for your amazing life – so reclaim it; revel in it; be it as fully and as magnificently as possible.

Remember: your individuality already belongs to you; it is not to be handed to you out of the pages of a magazine, on a blog, or across the television. Your individuality is you, just as you are, right now. Take it back!

♥ Channel your energies into being better, not different.
♥ Individuality thrives on self-understanding.
♥ Remember that it is a blessing, not a burden, to be who you are.
♥ Don’t let a gift as precious as your individuality be taken away from you; reclaim it.

Spend a day with yourself. 

Well, don’t I do that every day? Why yes you do! The difference here, however, is to spend a conscious day with yourself, not an average auto-pilot day. Be aware of your thoughts, your cravings, your talents, your motives, your ambitions, your agendas, your triumphs, your ideas, your thrills and your spills.

Be an observer of all your own actions, whatever you’re doing, even if it is a completely average day. Keep your journal with you and make notes throughout the day. At the end of the day, rationalise ten truly individual and amazing qualities you have noticed about yourself (you can, of course, write more than ten if you wish!) See my example:

Click for larger version!

Be empowered by these qualities; they are yours, right now, and it is in your power to utilise them. Think about how, by accepting and running with these qualities, you can feel more fulfilled by your life. 

How are you doing so far, gals? (And possibly guys?!) I've been enjoying comparing my new entries with those from 2010 and seeing all the things I've achieved, the ways in which I've grown and how my priorities have shifted - is anyone else noticing the same? 

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DM said...

Hi Megan, well day 3 wasn't that hard, i love this task because i love to write in my journal, and i realize one fact about me that i love, i'm a true believer that with effort and passion you could be able of do whatever you want, and that i still believe that magic exist :)

Kathy said...

This was perfect !!! Although I am never truly just with myself , I have two sweet children with me 24/7 , I did keep my journal with me . I am learning more and more about myself .. Thanks to you ! As someone who has spent too much time trying to be someone else , your words to be better not different really touched me ! I wish I would've have realized this at a much younger age . I definetly plan to purchase your e-course soon .

PelirrojaBiu said...

One of the best advices I've been given lately! Thank you! :)

Bee said...

it is a blessing, not a burden, to be who you are.- One of the most powerful things I have read in a long time. Thank you so much for these posts!!

Pinky said...

I have your button on my blog - shiny and bright - not that I get much traffic but it is there to remind me and that is what is important!

Joisey Dani said...

About to start a blog about this very subject...Thanks!


Joisey Dani said...

My blog about the topic above: http://itisajoiseywayofthinking.blogspot.com/2012/01/true-individuality.html

Please take a read?


The Dotty One said...

I'm a little behind but starting to catch up now. Looking forward to spending tomorrow "with myself"! I am really enjoying MYLA so far - thank you :o)

gluedtoapost said...

"The mindset to achieve for true individuality is feeling privileged, excited and joyful at the prospect of just being you."

This sentence really meant a lot to me--I realized during the self-survey that I don't really let myself be proud of myself or my accomplishments, and I'm a very harsh critic of myself. This project has already (and I'm playing catch-up, too) inspired me to respect myself a lot more and love who I am rather than trying to change. Thank you so much for your inspiration!

Isla said...

Love this! I used to spend more days like this, by myself, and this day reminded me how precious they are!

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