Friday, 13 January 2012

How to Write Powerful Daily Affirmations – and Make them Work!

A great deal of the homework I have been encouraging you to take part in so far this month has revolved around your constructing positive and encouraging, written truths for yourself. These are called affirmations – they verify the things you want and aspire to, rather than letting them get pushed to the back of your mind because the washing-up needs doing or you’ve got to go to work etc.

You may never have experienced the real power of an affirmation – that combination of words that really hits home. Like with a wonderful quote; you could have heard the same thing time and again in a different format or style and never really paid attention to it, but something about the way it is put now truly strikes a chord and excites you.

The good news is, with a little self-loving dedication, you can construct these powerful affirmations yourself. In fact, you can make them even more powerful because you can tailor them to your own needs, and see the most amazing results.

Once you have several of these perfectly poignant phrases, you can arm yourself against any down-day by simply repeating them to yourself; in your head or out loud in the mirror. If you’ve constructed an affirmation that really motivates and inspires you – when you say it you will be able to relate back to that feeling, and harness your emotions in a more positive direction.

♥ Affirmations verify the things you want and aspire to
♥ Affirmations should be powerful to you, so why not tailor them that way?
♥ Powerful affirmations will guard you against the blues be reigniting positive feelings

Build your own affirmations.

Affirmations start with words first and foremost, and a single word can often be just as powerful as a collection of words if it is realised in the right circumstances. So, start by listing a heap of buzz words that get your blood pumping. If you’re not the most articulate, use right click on a word like 'zeal' in a Word document, and then click ‘Synonyms.’ Or, break out a good old fashioned thesaurus.

Try to gather around twenty of these buzz words, so that you are then able to skim through and find the best, most stirring ones. Now, we need to form these into short, punchy, provocative statements, and if you’re not a wordy type that may not be the easiest thing.

Start with a simple phrase that you’d like to be true, such as:

I am happy and content with the direction my life is taking.

Good, but not powerful. Try and incorporate your buzzwords to really give this plain affirmation some sparkle. What about:

I delight in and celebrate my enchanting existence every day.

Perhaps a bit over the top, but with more zing, I think you’ll agree. Not that you have to agree; you might prefer the first one. Your affirmations don’t have to be elaborate, what is vital is that they work for you. A perfectly phrased affirmation is still useless if it doesn’t give you that buzz of energy.

I was once at a spa and they had the word ‘vitality’ written on one of the windows; simple, yes, but in that time and place, for me, it was a complete ‘hallelujah! That’s what I’m aiming for!’ moment. Remember that your affirmations are only for you; you don’t need to go reciting them out to people, so let what works, work.

Repeat your affirmations daily, write them in your journal and improve them when they need improving. Strive to believe them, and see the results! If you need help or hints, share your ideas in the comments.

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Elimy said...

This was definitely what I needed today. It feels like the kind of thing you are supposed to go up to the top of a mountain and shout. I would, if only there were a mountain!

Mine was: "I am a brilliant, fascinating person and my life is vivid and ineffable!"

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