Thursday, 19 January 2012

Influence Others for Success

So far, in talking about how other people can impact our amazing life, we’ve discussed what friends are doing for you and what you can be doing for others. Now, I’d like to talk about how speaking up and having a positive influence over others can lead to all kinds of success: in your relationships, in your career, and more!

We are often influencing people without even realising it; sometimes positively, sometimes negatively. The way we talk, the way we move about our lives, what we do and achieve – all of these will impact others on a small, or sometimes very large, scale.

It is your influence that is your impact on the world; your influence makes you memorable – makes your ideas worthy of being repeated. It doesn’t have to be standing up in a crowded room and belting out a whole manifesto – it can be what slips into your everyday conversations, or the choices you make in your career etc.

Now that we are conscious that we are influencing people all the time, we can grab hold of and improve that influence to our best advantage. If people recognise you as a positive influence, they will want more; they will come back to you; you establish yourself as a source of inspiration and encouragement to others. When people see positivity, nine times out of ten they react positively, so why not strive to make yourself a positive influence over people to see positive reactions and outcomes in whatever you do?

♥ We are often influencing others without even realising it
♥ Your influence makes you memorable, but it needn’t mean being pushy with your ideas
♥ We can be conscious of our influence and strive to make it positive so that we will see positivity in return

What do you stand for?

Influence is assertiveness; it is not being afraid to share your ideas and be who you truly want to be in all situations – but this isn’t always the easiest thing, so let's practice and prepare for it. There is a wonderful quote which says “If you don’t stand for something, you’ll fall for anything” and I think this is vital in our quest to influence other people for the better.

Very often, we fall short of knowing just how to articulate and vocalise our influential ideas because we ourselves are fuzzy on just what they are. We have a vague idea of what we know to be ‘right’ and a strong sensation of what ideas feel ‘wrong’ but, unless we focus in on just what solid ideas we do stand for, we will always struggle to share them around and inspire others with them.

In your journal, write what you stand for. It can be in the format of bullet points, a paragraph, a poem, whatever you like! Its purpose is to clarify to you the kind of influence, specifically, you want to have. See my example:

(Click for larger version!)

These are the foundational ideas you can fall back on in any discussion, argument, interview, opportunity for influence etc. They are a step to defining and understanding the influence you want to have, so that you may realise it for success.

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