Sunday, 8 January 2012

Make Today a Change Day!

Our world is always changing. Physically we are forever changing. People’s ideas are always changing; why aren’t we changing? Change is positive; change is empowering; change breeds amazing things because it challenges us, and only when we are challenged do we reveal our most authentic, glorious colours. But change is not always easy. In fact, change can be pretty hard to stomach - even small changes.

Often, change scares us. 

We enjoy the status quo so much that, when it comes to change-crunch-time, we cower and beg to stay where we are. However, if you have ever been through an episode of great personal change, you will know what a positive, enlightening, transformative way to achieve that ever elusive ‘knowledge’ of yourself it can be.

The fact is, change will catch up with you. If you trod along happily down the same path long enough; change will be thrown in your face whether you like it or not, and if you are not prepared for it, you will struggle to adapt. But if you grab hold of change now; make it a utility, a friend and an asset – you will be ready for almost any change. That said, it is important to remember that, sometimes, change does not have to be an action, but merely a decision; the ability to be truly open to change as it occurs, rather than actively pushing for it.

♥ Change is positive and empowering.
♥ Change will catch up with you; make it your friend and asset now.
♥ Change does not have to be active; an openness to potential change is often the key.

Make today a change day.

1. In your journal, map out your normal day in bullet points. You can use as few as three, or as many as ten plus, of these points. Ask yourself: is this day good enough? Is it optimal? How can I implement change to upgrade my average day?

2. On a new page, map your day with at least one element of change (but the more the better.) Make it realistic, satisfying change that you truly want to see in your life - not a list of things you think the world wants from you. Changes can be very small at first; don’t overwhelm yourself or this exercise becomes obsolete. We want to encourage change, not scare ourselves off of it.

3. Now, implement it! Get changing! This is an exercise you should repeat regularly when you feel a dip in your spirit/lust for life/productivity. Reviewing and specifying what change really means and can do for us is an important aspect to a life that is fluid and budding and amazing.

See my example:

Click for larger version!

I know you’ve been listening to me all this past week and that morale may be flagging; so now I want to hear what changes are most important to YOU in the quest for your amazing existence. Give us your review of the first week below!


Kaite said...

It's been going really well! I'm doing this in conjunction with The Artist's Way - the homework for MYLA and TAW have been amazingly useful. I feel both more productive and more focussed and actually excited about the challenges/opportunities ahead.

Autumn said...

The first week was okay- started out with a BANG but trickled off towards the end. My morale is getting higher though!

LauraCassidy said...

One of the most important changes I'm going to make is getting up earlier!

I feel so much calmer doing MYLA! Especially when I look over day one's picture and think about how I want my life to be, it really helps me focus!

Elimy said...

Ooh what fun! Thanks for this, Megan. You are helping me realise my New Year's Resolution to complain less. :)

Megan said...

Kaite - I love Julia Cameron! Have you read The Right to Write? It is BRILL!

Autumn - Well done for pushing on, let's hope for a few more BANGS along the way :)

Laura - I'm so glad to hear, and I'd love to see your picture!

Elimy - That's a good resolution, and one we could all probably keep in mind...!

The Dotty One said...

Doing this exercise has made me realise how much time I spend on the internet!! My laptop is on constantly and so I check my emails way too often. Then once I'm at my computer I get distracted by blogs etc and half the afternoon has gone. Good changes for me will be cutting down on this and also making sure I get up earlier.

In general I'm finding MYLA really positive and I am feeling much more in control.

Also, as an aside, I was wondering if you had thought about getting the quotes you are putting at the top of each post made into postcards? They would make a really great set, particularly for people doing MYLA but for anyone really!

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