Sunday, 29 January 2012

Make Your Money Creatively

One of the major factors in feeling great about your life is to have work that is satisfying and worthwhile.

It is not, as many misconceive, to simply have a good salary; a good salary is not the be all and end all. The bubble of consumerism in which we are stuck tells us we need a lot more than we actually do. In reality, we can live on far less than we think. We can’t, however, live amazingly unless we feel inspired and rewarded through our everyday efforts.

We all need to make a little money to survive, sure we do; money helps further enrich our lives in exchange for our talents. But the obvious ways of making money are not always the most appealing. The 9-5 office job might pay well, but only if we are willing to sacrifice our sense of amazing for a steady pay cheque. If we want a sustainable feeling of contentment from our work (and really from our lives, as work takes up so much of our life) we need to be working creatively.

Though it may not be something you’ve considered, satisfying work comes down largely to our own sense of our output of creativity; whether it’s being an all-out artist, being self-employed, leading a small team, or simply having ideas with some weight - we all run on a basic desire to have some impact; to have our voice and opinions heard and acted upon.

I won’t tell you it’s the easy route, because you already no it’s not. But if you can strive to make your money creatively – rather than simply strive to make money – your sense of purpose and fulfilment sky rockets and life, for you, becomes ever more amazing.

♥ An amazing life needs work that is stimulating, not merely well paid
♥ Stimulation in our careers comes down to our creative output
♥ It might not be easy, but it can make your life amazing almost single-handedly

Have a creative career plan.

It is when we lose our truest sense of aspiration and ambition that we meet the horrors of quarter life and mid-life crisis. Aspiration has long been associated with naivety, but I don’t think this is the case. Nothing was ever accomplished without there first existing someone’s dream to make it so. Do you want to accomplish things? Then you simply have to dream.

Today I want you to focus on constructing a creative career plan. Whether you’re in a job you could improve with creativity, stuck in a bad one and need an avenue out, or a student who has yet to set foot on the ladder - a structured career plan can put you on track.

I know this won’t be the most appealing thing to all of you, but at its heart is responsibility and passion for the direction your life will take, which is what all of MYLA has been about, so give it a shot. Mark points from one to twelve, one being where you stand now in your career and ten being where you want to be in your career in five years.

With the ten middle points, mark two things you could do each year to creatively impact your career. They can be obvious - like taking an evening course to gain an appropriate qualification, or networking with the right people - or they can be less obvious like saving enough to take the plunge into being self-employed, apply for an arts grant, spend some time living in another country perhaps learning the language, or investing in a piece of equipment that will drive you forward, like a Digital SLR camera, a sewing machine, or a computer programme. Push yourself to come up with ten even if it’s hard.

Arrange them appropriately and you will have the bones of your creative career plan. If it appeals to you to do so, then elaborate on it, but if you simply hate this kind of thing then just commit to following the steps you have.


Raquel said...

You have the most inpiring blog..


connie said...

Megan this is exactly what I needed to read today. Recently I have turned my back on my 9-5 job so that I can start pursuing my passion. I have taken a pay cut and I am now working to build income from doing what I love.. When you say it is not the easy road, you are right! Sometimes I doubt my decisions and think it would have been better to stay doing what I was doing, receiving my monthly pay cheque.

Your post just reminded me of why I made my decision. I literally felt like I as withering up and dying in my day job. But when I work on my this new business I am building, I feel like I come alive!! There will be sacrifices, but I am sure they will be worth it.

I do not have a 'creative career plan' as yet, but now I want one. I think doing this exercise will help reconnect me with my vision and re inspire me about WHY I am doing this!

Thanks xx

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