Friday, 20 January 2012

Mining for Love

Love is as precious as gold; and I’m not talking sickly, rom-com, chocolates and flowers type love – I’m talking the kind of love that works in the real world. Love for yourself and for life, as well as for people. Love as a lifestyle choice. 

Love as a main dish and not a side order. 

Love is there, it exists with or without you, and you choose whether you want to invest in it or not; you choose whether to mine for it.

You have the capacities to love, but you stand in your own way. How can we expect to experience big loves when we fail to invest our time making our loving feeling deep-rooted and permanent, so that it floods even the smallest corner of our day?

Often, it is the act of giving out love that really validates our belief in it, and if we cannot truly believe in it then we cannot realise it. Love can come out in many ways; through offering support, good manners, patience, listening, a friendly face, belief and encouragement. Get to know your loving side, then let others get to know it too.

Be open to love; be aware of its presence all around you. If there is not enough in your life, start giving it out freely. Let love be in every action; let it be your reasoning; give love freely and stop treating it like a rationed commodity because, if you do, that is all that will ever be returned to you. Love yourself first, then love your family, then love your life and all its peaks and opportunities – if you can do this fully and honestly, you will find that more love is to follow, romantic or otherwise.

♥ Love exists if you want it; make it a lifestyle choice
♥ You have the capacities to love, and giving it freely will teach how to believe in it for yourself
♥ Don’t ration the love you give out and it will return to you in abundance

Choose love.

To find love, in whatever format you need it most, you must first choose and define it. Reaching the full extent of your capacities to love will take stronger actions than simply writing in your journal, but this is a good place to start.

Write: ‘I choose love’, letting it be a powerfully true statement for you, then define what this will look like in your life, for example: ‘I will patch things up with my sister’ or ‘I will take time to treat and take care of myself’. 

For me, love looks like reinvesting in friendships, being kinder to myself, and upping my appreciation.

You can also think of the things you already love: people, places, pets etc. and work on recreating and extending that feeling out to change your attitude to other people and places and pets! Go out today with love on your mind, and love will be yours.


Kathy said...

Megan , stop denying your psychic abilities !!
Since my dad passed , my sister and I have been at odds for the first time . We are both having a hard time moving past our feelings and compromising . When I read the line " I will patch things up with my sister " , my mouth dropped as today was a very difficult day with her ! Thank you !

Megan said...

You're welcome, Kathy :)

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