Sunday, 22 January 2012

Play a Character

Very often, we limit ourselves. 

We do without even realising it; we make assumptions about our own abilities and hide behind them persistently. Because of this, the character we are and the character we want to be are often very far apart, yet we don’t see that this is merely because of our own limits.

An antidote to this condition is to play a character. When we dream-up the character we could be – the character that we’d love to be – we have a very real vision of what we’re aspiring too, and we needn’t place any boundaries on what we can achieve. We have a reference point to call upon in times of questioning. When we’re not sure what choices to make, we can simply ask ‘what would my character do?’

You can base your character on someone you know, on a literary or film character, a fairytale figure, or just conjure up your own. Make it someone you would look up to if you knew them, but beyond this they can be as fantastical as you fancy; the bigger and bolder, the better.

From childhood experience we know that, once we submit ourselves to the world of make believe, anything becomes possible. So, by dabbling in this, we can learn more of the character we could become to the extent that, with enough practice, we can achieve that limitless character in the real world.

♥ Don’t be held back by your self-made limits
♥ Dream up who you could be, and ask yourself what they would do
♥ Dabble in the fantastical to form a very real, limitless character for yourself

Encourage your character.

I’m often enamoured by the beautiful lives of bloggers portrayed in their photographs – they just look so magical. It used to make me think ‘oh no, why isn’t my life that wonderful?’ and then, of course, I realised, it could be! Why not make my life that beautiful? But I needed encouragement; I needed to play my own most amazing character; I needed to make each day so glorious that it became worth taking photos of.

Today, take your camera around with you and start to capture pictures of your life. If the pictures don’t live up to your vision at first, don’t worry, they will – it just takes practice. Not only will knowing you’re going to take photos encourage you to make your life more wonderful, beautiful and worth taking pictures of, the pictures you get will also serve as a future reminder of how beautiful and wonderful your precious memories are.


Haley said...

Before I even read a blog post by you, I immediately thought to myself, "I feel like I should follow this blog." So glad that I am! You are so awesome!
xo Haley

Kayleigh said...

I love this idea! It's something I've kind of had in my head for a little while, but you expressed it so much better than I could.

Having a 'character' makes me braver with fashion as well; I can wear much more outgoing and colourful clothes now!

Megan said...

Haley - Thanks for such a lovely comment, pleased to have you on board! :)

Kayleigh - It's something I know I need to keep in mind more often, especially when it comes to style, otherwise I feel too meek to wear the things I really want to!

Sam said...

I found the homework for this one particularly rewarding. Setting out with the knowledge that I was going to be photographing my day really encouraged me to both find the beauty in the small moments, and also to create beautiful moments that were worthy of photographing. I am a very visual person so looking back over the photos was a really great way for me to fill-in-the-blanks, and realize what areas of my life I need to act more fully in the “character” that I want to be.

Thank you.

Isla said...

Amazing!! :)

Rhi said...

I love this! How many times have we all said "I WISH I COULD BE HIM/HER" - countless! But who says we shouldn't or can't be! The character that we all want to play is always, and will forever be locked into our personalities, you've just got to let them loose! It's not hiding or putting on a mask, its just the side of your personality that you're too afraid to let the world see! I'd love it if more people would embrace this, definitely my favourite part of MYLA! Excellent work Megan!

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