Thursday, 12 January 2012

Sell Yourself, to Yourself

In business, there’s a lot of waffle about selling yourself. 

This is true, you should sell yourself in business – but who should you be selling yourself to first and foremost in life? Why, yourself of course! I’ve already alerted you to the fact that you are your most precious asset; now it’s time to really recognize it, so that others can catch on too!

During an average day, you are constantly being sold stuff – from junk mail in your email inbox and the packaging of your cereal box, to the editorials in your fashion magazines and ad breaks in between your favourite TV shows. If we live in a world where we are constantly being sold to (and constantly see it working!) shouldn’t we start being sold on ourselves? Otherwise, we’re just going to feel more and more like we really need this stuff that will ‘Make Us Thin!’ or ‘Make Us Interesting!’ or ‘Make Us Popular With the Opposite Sex!’...apparently.

What’s more, if you don’t sign-up to the wonder that is you, how can you expect anyone else to? Success in relationships, career etc. all require us ‘selling’ ourselves, or seeming worthy to others. The logical place to start for success in these areas is to invest in a self that we feel is worthy; a self that we’d love to know if we weren’t us.

You should be sold on you, first and foremost
♥ Don’t let yourself get sold on stuff you don’t need, just because you’re not sold on yourself
♥ Make yourself worthy for others, by being worthy to yourself

Create a self-belief C.V.

This exercise is an extension from the one we did on reclaiming your true individuality, only better! Write yourself a mini self-belief CV; one that lets you know, before anyone else, what an exceptional character you are. You should already be sold on many of your great qualities and successes by the work we’ve done together so far; now it’s time to summarise and simplify those into one place.

This doesn’t have to be in the format of a traditional CV, nor do we want to analyze and criticise ourselves too much. We simply want to highlight our best, most prized qualities. That way they become our focus, and in that become the traits we develop further. Simple.

Break it up into sections such as:

♥ Expertise & Talents
♥ Achievements
♥ Unrivalled Qualities
♥ Real-World Qualifications

...or whatever you sections you choose that gives the ‘hard sell’! See my example:

(Click for larger version - and see if you can spot the spelling mistake!)

Now that you have this CV, are you sold? Don’t be disheartened if you aren’t quite, we still have a way to go in our month-long journey into the amazing. The most productive thing you can take from this exercise if you aren’t already sold is a new focus – how would you like to rewrite the CV so that it wowed you? How can you go about achieving these things? Share your outcomes!

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