Sunday, 1 January 2012

Why You’re Standing at the Edge of Your Dream Life and Refusing to Jump In

Welcome to Make Your Life Amazing 2012! We are very pleased to have you join us. To newbies and returners alike, let's get the year started with a BANG. You will need a journal or notepad, cute pen, and lots of enthusiasm. Please make yourself known in the comments so we can all cheer you on along your adventure into the amazing.

You only live once, so you might as well do it right, right? Few people would disagree, and yet millions disagree through their actions every day. Your alarm goes off, you half fall out of bed, bump into the corner of your wardrobe and open the curtains on a grey day. It’s off to face the world again.

But we must believe that life is more than these days; allowing yourself to dream beyond them is the only way to get beyond them. Dreaming does not make you a sucker; it doesn’t make you naive. It makes you possible.

The truth is: you can be happier. The truth is that you are the only thing standing in the way of your own happiness, and of your own amazing life.

What’s holding you back?

There are many things that could be hovering in the way of your more amazing life: the expectations placed on you, status-quo, indecision... but I’d hazard that it is mostly fear. You only get the big win by taking a chance, and taking a chance is scary. Western life is comfortable – too comfortable. It is comfortable and it doesn’t challenge us, so, on the most part, we don’t challenge it. We think: what’s the point?

Of course, you may not feel you are literally afraid of being your dream self. You probably feel quite the opposite; you’re probably gasping for it. But I suspect that somehow, on some level, it doesn’t feel right; it doesn’t feel deserved. It feels uncomfortable. It feels scary.

♥ Being unhappy is not a given. You don’t have to accept your life as it is, if it is not good enough.
♥ You are the only thing standing in the way of your dream life.
♥ Your first mission is to beat the fear.

Stop being scared of your dream self - create a picture of your amazing life.

In the first page of your notebook you’re going to sketch your dream self. Drawing is not my forté, so don’t worry if it’s not yours either. We’re not trying to be Picasso reincarnate, nor does anyone ever have to see the picture; we just want to have an image we can relate to.

Have a few goes as practice if you like, and see which elements feel most exciting. This isn’t just a style exercise; draw anything. Include representative items such as: a wooden spoon to represent a baking career; a big diamond ring to represent marriage to the love of your life; a flower to represent your own perfect home with a garden. The drawing can be completely abstract or symbolic, as long it means something to you. See what I came up with:

Click to see larger version!

I felt totally goofy doing this one, even more so than last year. I think maybe it felt more childish because I used colour. But I decided that that goofiness – that vulnerable feeling – made the exercise all the more important because I was able to see the light-heartedness in it, and thus am able to approach the things represented in a more light-hearted way!

Sit with your sketch for a moment. What’s to fear? Why are you not already this self? In what ways are you already this self? The childishness and inherent simplicity in the exercise will hopefully help you to see there is nothing to fear in being a dreamer, an aspiration-alist, and that most amazing version of you.


LauraCassidy said...

Just bought my new notebook, yay! So excited for this :)

Pinky said...

Thnaks for this, am off to hunt out a note book to begin.

Vic said...

Any excuse to buy new stationary! I'm really looking forward to this - thankyou (:

kim said...

Oooh I wonder if I could cope with this on top of all my other january stuff? I think I might have to!

Megan said...

Laura - Woohoo!

Pinky - Any old one will do really, it's what you put IN it that counts :)

Vic - We ♥ stationary. And thank you for participating!

Kim - That's what January's are for, jam-packing with life-changing goodness!

Kathy said...

Have my notebook and crayons ready !!! Looking forward to this . Thank you.

Megan said...

Kathy - Crayons!!!! Actual crayons as in Crayola?? I love it! Retro-a-go-go :D and so perfect for the exercise. Thanks for joining in!

DM said...

I made a notebook for my resolutions this year, i'm doing this in the first page, thank you Megan.

Bonnie said...

So excited for this!

Megan said...

DM - I put my resolutions (though I'm calling them 'focuses') on the inner page of my journal - best to keep all the goodness together!

Bonnie - Not as excited as meeeeeeeeeeeeeee! :D

rob said...

Definitely going to give this a go :)

Anonymous said...

Yeahh!!! Lets start

Ulrikke said...

Hi Megan! No problem! I love your blog, and I wanted to share it with my readers :)

Happy new year! :D


PelirrojaBiu said...

I love it and probably really need it... Happy New Year!

Joisey Dani said...

All ready for this! Got my notebook and pens all ready to go! I will admit i am more of a literal/language person as visuals/art just do not speak to me. Yes i like looking at art but actual sketching things is tricky for me. I wrote my goals post on my blog ( so I ask for you to check it out as well as everyone else here! This is going to be EPIC!


krissy ♥ said...

This is so amazing, thank you for this Megan! I got my journal and my color pencils ready! ♥

Jenna said...

Yes, I am so doing this. I almost started before I saw you were doing it this year. I know I could certainly use some evaluation, considering I don't even know where I'll be living in two weeks!! Oh, well. I'm excited! And by the way HI:)

Elimy said...

Done! I actually think my picture was really good too. And I've got my Mum thinking about joining in too heehee.

The Dame said...

Signing in! :D

Vir said...

yay! writing instead of drawing though :)

Rachelia said...

I did this this morning. I made a hot cup of tea, turned my phone off and took out the pencil crayons. It felt so good to disconnect and have no distractions, and reflect on what makes me happy/what I want in my future.

What I see my amazing life (future) as holding:
- More positivity!
- More time spent with nature
- My own place
- Meaningful work
- Love (romantic, friendship, familial)
- Accomplishments
- World travel! England! Iceland! Ireland! Italy! (I just got a triad of "I" destinations there, haha) and Greece!
- Dogs because they make me happy and are cute
- Leaving a mark wherever I go
- Healthier
- Craftiness
- Reading... LOTS of reading
- Inner peace, acceptance

I may add to it as I go, but now I'm off to paste it into my journal. I would love to read (or see) what other's did!

Megan said...

got behind on replying but YAY to all your efforts! if you post anything on your own blogs let me know and I'll try squeezing in some links to lovely MYLA participants :D

Maria said...

I am a long-time(ish) follower of your blog and I wanted to let you know that I'm looking forward to taking part in this month-long adventure. I bought myself a new journal for the occasion and I can't wait to catch up on two nights of homework tonight. This search for happiness is exactly what I need right now and the perfect way to start 2012!

Jes said...

I am in! I'm starting today, it's my me day!

Zrima Daily said...

I am SO happy I stumbled upon this magnificent blog! :) I will definitely be tuning in and subscribing!

The Dotty One said...

I'm running a bit late as I only just got back from holiday but I am going to have a go at catching up today and tomorrow. V excited about doing something positive for me over January.
Thanks for this :o)

Isla said...

Okey, I'm in! I only red a few lines and became so happy that I found this blog. It's quite late here in Finland, but I know what I'll be doing tomorrow :) reading this blog. Thanks!

Maria said...

I am totally loving the message here! I am a few days late but I will absolutely be partaking and perhaps posting a few thoughts and exercises on my blog!

Maria xx

Maree said...

I know I'm like a year late for this, but I only discovered your blog just now through the intricate web of my internet travels :) My life is kind of stuck at a very unmotivated and empty place, so I have a feeling your blog and MYLA in particular might be just the thing for me :) I'm opening my stationery drawer and finding myself a super lovely notebook for this right now! *excited*

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