Wednesday, 8 February 2012

20 Ways To Be Glamorous On A Budget

Image thanks to nemariella

This quick and dirty guide to glam comes from February sponsor and new internet-accomplice, the super sweet Stephanie of If you would like to guest-post on Charade, it would make my day to hear from you! Drop me a line:

1. Get groomed.  
Take your grooming standards to the next level. To be glamorous you should be pristine, with an extra coat of gloss in order to stand out. Master the basics and you’ll go far. Use Wikihow and Youtube to master DIY professional blow-drying, the art of a manicure or eyebrow grooming.

2. Sell your things on Ebay. 
Don’t underestimate the amount of money you can make by selling lots of little items. Sell any perfumes you’re now bored of. Sell clothes you’ve been seen a lot in (damn Facebook!), even if they’re still in style, so that you can freshen up your look at any time by buying other clothes off ebay with the money you make. It’s like swapping clothes! [Note from Megan: This is tres timely as I'm currently selling a veritable booty of vintage goodies myself!]

You can find unworn shoes, great bags, amazing jewellery and silk scarves if you look in the right areas.

4. Ask department stores about new fragrance releases
Show your interest and they may give you free testers, that way you can wear a new scent everyday and never get bored.
Glamour is more of an allure than a solid thing to have or experience, so practise your manners, confidence and even social skills.

6. Grab a coupon
Visit or, if you live in Scotland, Here you can find amazing deals on glam places and experiences - examples can include 50% off champagne and cake, afternoon tea, a haircut in a top designer salon or an acrylic/gel manicure.

7. Hire a personal shopping service
Most shops offer this service for free. It’s a fantastic way to develop your style.

8. Enter travel competitions
You never know, one day you just might win and jet off to an exotic location. Take lots of photos!

9. Offer to review things for free
Whether your thing is hotels, cosmetics, services or food - a lot of businesses strive for good exposure and word of mouth.

10. Can’t afford a haircut? 
Could you be brave enough to buy a pair of professional cutting scissors? They are available from any bigger chemist for around ten pounds. They’ll last you forever and you won’t need to throw money away in a salon every six weeks. This is a good tutorial for cutting hair. You can also use a razor for your fringe.

11. Shine on
If it’s the shine from a professional blowdry you’re after - use a shine spray! Pantene Pro-V do an excellent one for £4.49. You’ll only need a couple of squirts per use.

12. Use a primer
This will help your makeup glide on effortlessly and give a flawless appearance. GOSH’s primer is very reasonably priced, as is Sleek’s!

13. Look for “dopes” 
Or rather, copies of the best-selling beauty products on the market. Often copies perform just as well as the real deal. See here and here.

14. Develop your own unmistakable personal branding and style. 
Only you can do this. Know what colours, patterns, details, and shapes flatter you. Develop signature colour combinations. For more help on this, see Megan’s article here.
These are key to a glam look and will last much longer than other cheaper offerings of which you will buy many. Know what to invest in.

16. Don't pooh-pooh Primark
It's a great first call for glamorous additions such as lingerie and heels.

17. Become a fan of Johnson’s Baby Oil
A 99p wonder that can be used for many things: a moisturiser, makeup remover, bath oil...

18. It's all in the details
Simply investing in a nice scarf can pull a whole look together and make it look much more glam. If you have the chance to bulk buy with a discount, do it, ie. 1 top in 6 colours. A glamorous look is sophisticated yet accessorized.

19. TK Maxx
Designer brands at high street prices? ‘Nuff said.

20. Get into the glam-groove
You cannot be glamorous if your surroundings are not. Tidy your space ‘til it gleams like a palace. Make sure your friends reflect who you are and who you want to be.

What are your thoughts on being glam without the big price-tag?

Visit Stephanie at The Glam Guide for more advice on how to be glamorous and have a successful life. Aspire to be great this year!


Amber-Rose Thomas said...

Love it!
A really wonderful post! Although someone should tell the girls around here that being groomed, does not mean wearing all your make up at once!
Less is more, people!

And Megan, I am so buying your cream bag when I get paid. It's miiine. ;)


Laura said...

Yes yes yes! This is fantastic! I do so love being glamorous. Literally every time I leave the house I am asked at least once "Why are you so dressed up?!" because I don't run around looking sloppy. These are some great tips!

laura said...

what a nice post! (: i miss reading about fashion/style on a budget here.

Sheree Milli said...

Some great tips in this post. X x milli

Morag Lee said...

I've been cutting my own hair for about the last six years of my life (since I was!) and it's a real money saver! Admittedly I can't do anything fancy but I'm definitely better now than I was then. Highly recommended, just start simple first, or get one last cut at a hairdresser and watch carefully what they do! My friends even ask me to do theirs these days!

Morag x

Eternal*Voyageur said...

What a great post! Other than Ebay, I recommend clothes swap sites. There is for UK, with sister sites in Germany, Czech republic and Italy.

FrugallyFierce1 said...

Love it!

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