Sunday, 5 February 2012

A Peek at the Week: 新年快樂!

That is, I hope, Happy New Year in Chinese! In celebration, some visiting friends and I went to Mshed to make lanterns (us and about 50 children!) and then for a tasty Chinese lunch.

In other news, a cheeky little outfit from last weekend. I'm all about spotty tights.
And I got a new mug. Winner. I hope you had a lovely week!


Amber-Rose Thomas said...

I love the tights! I have some similar with lots of hearts on! We shall have to rock our tights out in Bristol when I come up in June? :D

And I am so very jealous of how long your hair is! *sigh*


Megan said...

Amberrrr, did I know you were coming to Bristol?? I do now! And yes we shall! I have some cream ones with pink hearts too, but I have a fear that from a distance they make me look as though I have a weird rash so I don't wear them very often - lol!

Funny you should say about my hair because just today I was thinking of chopping it off into a bob! But I don't think I'm brave enough...

Amber-Rose Thomas said...

You do now indeed. :D And it's more of a Bath visit, but Bristol is close enough... And I love exploring.
And I'm sure your rash tights are lovely. ;)

No! Naughty Megan! No bob. Not yet. :) I cut all my hair off and dyed it bright pillar box red. Oh boy, did I regret it. >.<



How fun! I totally want Chinese food now. You look adorable in those tights :)

Elimy said...

Amber: If you hate your hair right now, try curling it a bit?

Megan: Your outfit is adorable, sounds like you had a fab week.

Maria said...

Ohh, your CNY looked like so much fun! And I totally love that outfit, you look great in it. Did you end up with lots of snow in Bristol like in London?

Maria xx

Megan said...

The Loudmouth - It was good eating, I can tell you ;)

Elimy - Thank you!

Maria - We had some snow but it didn't really settle, usually the weather is very similar between Bristol and London but sounds like they had it much worse than us.

LauraCassidy said...

gorgeous outfit! Love the tights. :)

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