Sunday, 25 March 2012

A Peek at the Week: Heart-ing NYC

A going away gifty from Ellen.

Packing for trip.

Arriving in NYC; the view from my hostel.

Eating a big apple. Geddit? I'm easily amused.

Lunch: USA style.

Many more pictures to come, but for now I'll just say: I am so glad I did this.


Stephybabes said...

Ahh so pleased for you! What's your day-to-day game plan now that you're here?!

Megan said...

Thanks Steph! No game-plan as such. I'm in San Francisco now but pretty sure I want to head back to NY as soon as possible. I'm just soaking up the lifestyle, seeing a few sights, and writing - it is bliss!

Rebecca Esther said...

You're making me miss NYC! ;) Glad to see you're enjoying yourself and can't wait for more pictures.

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