Saturday, 10 March 2012

The Saturday Salute 10.03.12

Image thanks to alessandro

Another weekend and, once again, I've swapped the city streets of Bristol to stay with my family in the wooded valleys of Wales. I'm taking some chill-out time before my impending departure (which is currently filling me with equal bouts of excitement and absolute terror). Today I took a wonderful coastal walk, pictures of which I shall share tomorrow... But now, onto the links!

// I am selling some beautiful vintage bags on ebay - be quick, they end soon!

// Hope in High Heels. Beautiful pictures and sweet advice from a girl who swapped Melbourne for NYC.

// I love this awe-inspiring shoot of Bri Emery. I would really love to have some professional photos taken, it's up high on the to-do list!

// I definitely have to go to New York City's Amazing Public Library when I visit.

// I shared 10 Things I Love About Myself with Maria of Cheeky Pink Tulip. I encourage you to write your own!

What has entertained you this week?


hope in high heels said...

Thanks Megan! It was such a fabulous surprise to find myself here - you are lovely x

ps. let me know when you land here in nyc!

Amber-Rose Thomas said...

You should 'Do A Sarah' from Yes and Yes and get people to sponsor your trip if you send them a postcard. :)
I'd sign up. I'd love a post card from New York. Do the American's even do postcards?!


Ellen said...

PLEASE go to Brooklyn flea market! My heart will bleed with jealousy but at least you will have gone and lived it for me xx p.s loving Hope in High Heels.

Megan said...

HIHH - I most certainly will, and the West Village may well be one of my first stops!

Amber - What an utterly FAB idea! I shall get on it :D I sent postcards from Vegas - those Americans do it all!

Ellen - You know I'm going to, and you know I'm going to shed a tear amongst the vintage rails in mourning of your absence!!

Maria said...

Thanks Megan! Glad to have you on the blog!

Maria xx

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