Friday, 16 March 2012

Want a postcard from the Big City?

Image thanks to jason

To my dear Charade-ettes,

There are few things in life more satisfying than a picture-perfect, slightly dog-eared, hand-written postcard fluttering through your letter-box from far flung loved ones.

For this very reason, and upon the suggestion from #1 reader and commenter, Amber-Rose, that I ‘do a Sarah’, I have decided to write a selection of my lovely readers a postcard from my US quest! All you need to do is make a small donation to my adventure.

I’m suggesting around $10 (£6) for a lovingly hand-written memo from me (and a yummy latte for me to drink whilst I write it!) If you want to give a little more or a little less, that’s very much your call, my darlings. 


**Kisses and smudged handwriting guaranteed. 
If you particularly want something on your postcard – Lady Liberty? 
Central Park from the skies? The city skyline? Just let me know!

Look at it as a way to support me as I take possibly one of the most terrifying leaps of faith of my life, and get something lovely to pin on your notice board! (ESPECIALLY if you hope to make your own trip one day – it can act as an incentive!) I consider myself an A-grade picker of postcards, just by-the-by.

Donate now!

This round of donations is for a New York City postcard – if it proves popular then I’ll do another post for a San Francisco postcard early next month.

Don’t forget to leave your address in the ‘Notes’ section when paying – or email it to me:

Thank you, as always, just for being you!

Ever Yours,
Megan xoxo

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Why has no one else commented on this yet?!

Signing up please! Of course...


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