Monday, 16 April 2012

A Peek at the Week: City Dwelling

My pad. The kitchen is also kind of the bathroom... Don't ask.

Craftacular! A little disappointing, to be honest. I looped once around and nothing grabbed my attention. Still fun though!

Pink. The city is still in bloom, and I love it.

Fresh lemonade. Ain't nothing better for the soul on a hot city day!

CAKE! The place where this is from is next door to where I live. Next door. God help me.

Greenwich Village. Where I ate a pizza slice followed by these yummy cold noodles. If it wasn't for all the walking, NYC would be making me pretty chubby.

A walk in the park, fo'real. A particularly beautiful Sunday strolling in Central Park until the sun went down. Bliss!

What kept you busy this week?


Louise KM said...

what a wonderful time you're having! it seems like you truly are making memories out there (and i am infinitely jealous!) hope you have a good week, xoxo louise from 'today and tomorrow'

dressgirl said...

New York looks so beautiful here! I was there a few years ago a week, can't wait to go back (soon hopefully) :)

Amber-Rose Thomas said...

Sorry, no 'Don't ask' scares me off. The kitchen and the bathroom are the same room?! Really - how does that work. American's are strange beings.

New York looks beautiful, I bet you;re having an amazing time - but I'm most jealous of your lemonade, I bet it's delish.


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