Saturday, 26 May 2012

The Saturday Salute 26.05.12

This is an out-take from my Garden Glory shoot. Gosh-darn that pesky doggy!

So it is nearly the end of May... *$&%!? I guess that when you disappear for two months, the year starts to fly by pretty quick! Currently I'm enjoying some quality, soul-quenching, get-back-in-the-swing-of-things down time here in a very sunny West Wales. Real life watch out, because I'll be hitting you hard next week.

// 10 Quick Ways to Clean Up Your Blog. Stellar advice from Silly Grrl.

// A Life of Perfect Days asks us to Do The Work: How to Start Transforming Your Life.

// I love, love, love this Daisy-themed feature on The Cherry Blossom Girl. Swoon.

// Wow.

// Adoring these free worksheets from Life on Paper. Organisation never looked so beautiful!

I hope you're enjoying a weekend blessed with your own personal brand of bliss.


Midnight Cowgirl said...

Wonderful links!

Alice said...

Loving the links and that naughty dog of yours xD

Elimy said...

Great links this week Megan!

Sarah said...

Thanks for linking to my post Megan!

Vic said...

I really love these posts!

Julia D. said...

Looking forward to checking out all of these wonderful links!

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