Tuesday, 1 May 2012

Why Style Fluidity = Style Salvation...

Image thanks to kevin

It has been a long-standing obsession of mine to uniform dress; to find a style identity I can stick to. I have rabidly admired the looks of Sandra and Nubby for their consistent commitment to their individual style statement. 

Then, whilst wandering amongst the rails of the Urban Outfitters that is literally five doors down from my NYC pad, I picked up a top. 

“That’s not me” my mind said. 

I turned to carry on rummaging... and then stopped. Turned back. Picked up the top again. 

I liked it. It would fit me. I could afford it. Why wasn’t it me

I had a revelation: something isn’t me only when I say it isn’t me. 

I don’t need to have just one style – I’ve only decided that as the ideal. 

I don’t need to make a consistent statement with what I wear – I’ve only decided that I should. 

Surely, I can just dress up, for fun, in whatever I fancy, whenever I fancy? That is what clothes are for after all: superfluous decoration. Costume. Creativity. Masquerade.

All of these items should be 'me' if I want them to be... Product information here.

And I think that, in this sartorial liberation, I am more likely to find the real essence of what I want to wear; what works for my lifestyle, makes me feel great, and implores those around me to pay attention to my cause whatever it may be that day. 

If your style has got stuck in your endeavour to stick to a self-prescribed ‘identity’, you might just find that letting yourself be whoever you want to be, with each new day, each new moment - even, wakes up the slumbering style statement that was in you all along and is just waiting for its chance to come out...


Elimy said...

Let your outfit be your mood ring. Have as many style idols as you have facets to yourself.

Eternal*Voyageur said...

Thanks for this! I also have felt guilty about not having a specific style direction. But no more!

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