Friday, 15 June 2012

Friday Feature: Summer Dresses at Tesco

Are you after a tasty selection of affordable dresses for summer? Fantasizing about floral maxi dresses or head-over-heels for hot pink? Look no further! I had no idea you could shop online for clothing at Tesco, but it seems their bargain-bustin' selections are a mere click away!

Whether it's a glam garden party you're off to, or you just want to ad some pizazz to a pint at the pub... there's a dress that has you covered! 

I picked a few of my favourites above, I really love the flattering dipped hem look!

Which do you like best?


Sorcha said...

The striped number on the right is gorgeous. I always find Tesco clothes a lot more flattering and hard wearing than I had anticipated!

Amber-Rose Thomas said...

Oh my gosh I love the middle one!
I wish I could get away with that pink, but I blush very easily and so the pink just makes me look beetroot coloured constantly!
Quite possibly going to make a trip to Tesco in the near future...

Julia D. said...

I really love the middle one, and now that you mention it can be bought online I may just have to look into getting it!

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