Friday, 1 June 2012

An Interview On My Adventures!

Did you have any questions about how I got on across the pond? Hankering for a bit of inspiration to finally bite the bullet and book your own dream trip? Well star-reader Amber pinned me down and got all the juicy gossip out of me! Enjoy.

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What made you choose New York in particular? Do you have friends there? Did something in particular attract you there now, or has visiting the city been a long standing dream? 

I visited both NYC and San Francisco – also with a foray through Boulder, Colorado. Originally I’d wanted to spend more time in SF, but after flying into NYC and spending a few days there, SF just didn’t light my fire in the same way. So I hot-footed it back to the Big Apple! It has always been a city I wanted to visit – for the buzz, the creativity of the people, the cafe culture, the writing culture – and it really exceeded all my expectations... Read More.
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And, of course, if you have any questions of your own just let me know in the comments here!


Vic said...

LOVED reading this. I've got something similar planned for next summer and I absolutely can't wait. A lot of my friends have been a bit taken aback I think - especially as I'm going alone. But why not?! Its something I really want, and sort of need to do - so why wait?! Thanks for the heads up on couch-surfing, now off to check that out!

Valerie said...

I saw your interview at Amber's site and I loved it! I really admire you for being able to just pick up and take off. :)

Amber-Rose Thomas said...

I'm glad you enjoyed it!

Also, can I take a moment to point out something a bit sad? I have that pink pen. >.<

Julia D. said...

Love NYC! Sounds like you had a fabulous trip.

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