Tuesday, 13 November 2012

BRAVE-living 2012


New Years Eve 2011. My family and I are gathered around the dinner table. I suggest that each of us say what we have been grateful for in the year that has passed, and what we hope for in the year to come. One by one, we move around the table and each say a few words. Eventually it comes around to me.

I say what I have been grateful for, and then I pause for a moment to think. What haven't I had enough of this year? What really gets me excited about 2012?

I look at my family and say: "In 2012 I hope - and plan - for more adventure."


If you hadn't already noticed, 2012 is rapidly approaching it's climax. There are six weeks left until the year in which you were going to *insert whatever goal/goals you set yourself for 2012* will be over.

Did you achieve them?


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