Thursday, 16 May 2013

Guest Post: How To Maintain Your Red Hair

Below is a guest post but, as someone who dyes their hair regularly, I really love these tips and I think you will too! 

Image thanks to Derek Gavey

Red hair is the colour of the moment when it comes to the perfect look for your tresses, with the celebrities working anything from auburn tones to deep shades of red in 2013. And it looks as though this trend shows no sign of wearing thin. There is bad news though: it's hard to maintain. Evidence of which can be seen just about everywhere.

So, this is for all those gals (and guys) out there that have dyed their hair red and now have no idea how to look after it.

Wait to wash
I hate not washing my hair. It just makes me feel a bit gross, but by waiting a couple of days after using red hair dye, you'll have luscious red locks for longer. This is because not washing your hair (aside from rinsing and conditioning) between 24 and 48 hours after dying will give your hair a chance to build up its natural oils, giving your hair colour the time it needs ‘to take’ i.e. attach to the hair oils.

Stay fresh with dry shampoo
Because there's no way I could go a few days without washing my hair with nothing to help me feel a bit fresher, I'd strongly recommend investing in a bottle of the dry stuff. If you usually wash your hair every day, it's time for a change. Try washing every other day, or every two days if you can bear it.

Protect from the sun
Did you know that your hair can get damaged by the sun? Yep, it works in the same way as your skin. If you want to maintain that red or auburn hair colour in the summer, you'll need to keep it out of harsh sunlight. There are some UV protection sprays that will keep those locks looking lovely in the sunshine.

Stay away from colour shampoo 
You probably see adverts galore for colour shampoo. There's probably some in your bathroom. Avoid it. The pigments in the shampoo are designed to keep your hair looking great for longer, but they have been known to change the tone when used regularly.

Fix those roots
Home hair dye kits usually last for around 6-8 weeks, but even if you manage to keep that vibrant red for that long, your roots will still start to show. Now let's be honest, roots don't look pretty. I definitely don't understand why they made it into a trend. Anyway, there are a number of hair dye kits designed specifically to just cover regrowth – take advantage!

So, there you have it, some top hair colour ideas on how to maintain red hair. Have you got red hair? How do you maintain the vibrant colour?


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