Tuesday, 26 August 2008

Girls On Film

Has the fashion inspiration well run a little dry just recently? Is your ‘look’ in need of a shake up? Wanting to feast your eyes on some juicy fashion candy without shelling out on a run-of-the-mill magazine? Fear not! Here are some of my most adored, aesthetically stirring films and tips on how to pay fair homage to them, hopefully they’ll inspire you to reproduce looks from your own favourite films.

Marie Antoinette (2006)

The film is nothing short of an aesthetic overdose; an optical binge offering mammoth amounts of eye candy. Obviously, the style can be adopted at what ever level of extremity suits you (and your wallet!) Here are a few hints on how I’d ‘let them eat cake’...

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Ruffles, bows, pleats, satin, floral, buttons, pearls, lace, ringlets, feathers – it all goes. Grab list: Sleeves that widen at the elbow, square necklines, pinched waists, full skirts, white tights, corsages. For an everyday sense of elegance this winter invest in a dress coat like my example, some Victorian style leather, lace or satin gloves and layer fitted tops over frilly shirts.

Bugsy Malone (1976)


It was the High School Musical of the 70’s and, aside from my being genuinely tempted to legally change my name to ‘Tallulah,’ and knowing every song almost by heart, I also adore the adolescent artistry of the costume. How would I do it? Here’s how…

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The look is distinctly 1920’s and 30’s flapper girl, giving excellent vintage shopping potential! Pin-curls should be a serious consideration with this one.

Cry Baby (1990)


Yep, well, Traci Lords character as Wanda pretty much sums this one up for me; she’s a bit 50’s, a lot 80’s, in short, a visual gold mine. The hair! Oh the hair… And the make up! Dear Jehovah, it’s divine. (If you’ve got sass enough to rock the tiny fringe, do it! And send me pictures.) Here’s how I’d do the look...

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Please note that these sets are to inspire you when high street, thrift, ebay, and charity shop shopping. I realise some products featured exceed the normal student budget!

What are your top, stylistically inspiring films and how could you emulate them?

Megan x


grocerystoredates said...

i saw your post on gala's site. lovely site! i like ghost world's style but i'm a bit more feminine myself.

Voila Megan said...

'grocerystoredates' - i agree, ghost world is one of those films with a real 'look' about it that sticks in your memory. great comment!

adoration x

Hannah said...

Quote - "What are your top, stylistically inspiring films and how could you emulate them?"

Well... seeing as i have no idea wot emulate emans im just goin to say the following...

i like chicargo thats not EVEN how u spelll it, but it's past the hour in the day that i tend to care about spelling. :) it's sexy, daring and very pleasing to the eye....

p.s i think ur blog rocks!!!

hani xxxx

Voila Megan said...

'hannah' nice one! x

Roseanna said...

tank girl!
and Party Monster :)

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