Monday, 29 September 2008

Words to Live By #7

Image thanks to linda yvonne

“…just be good to yourself. Find something you love & devote yourself to it. Make some friends who make you smile & inspire you to be a better person, & avoid those who stress you out... Love lots of people. Take time off, lie down & do nothing at all. Be generous & free with compliments. Feed your spirit with beautiful things. Love yourself.”

Gala Darling of iCiNg

A few words to share? Go on... I quotes!

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Saturday, 27 September 2008

The Saturday Salute 27.09.08

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It's the weekend! Here's a list of links to love...

Try documenting a week in your life with Ali from capture.create.

'This is a creative adventure... Some of you out there may be thinking: my life is boring or I do the same thing everyday or what story doI have to tell?... Most likely you will learn something about yourself over the course of this project.
I learn something new every time.'

Take the challenge to Read One Book A Week. Nick Cernis from Put Things Off: The laid back productivity blog guides you through this daunting but very worthwhile mission.

If you're an aspiring young writer, ahem, like moi, you could do yourself a favour and check out One Night Stanzas. There's even an opportunity to get your own work published on the site.

wikiHow has a few helpful hints on How to Take Lecture Notes, handy for uni newbies.

Get in touch with your inner domestic goddess with Your housemates will love you! You should especially salivate over and get inspired by the English Tea Party Recipes. Yum!

Try these...

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Thursday, 25 September 2008

Crafty Ways to Source Motivation From Desolation

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Today I can't be bothered to post. I just can't. 'Oh, screw it' I'm thinking, 'what's the point?'

But, wait a sec, here I am. By Jove, I am posting!

What I have ingeniously done (she says modestly) is turn my negatives on their heads - I've used them to my advantage, and man, oh man, is it ever satisfying!

I've chosen to post on what it is precisely that's making me not want to post: not being bothered. I, like many a student, sometimes have simply no inclination to get my arse into gear and do what needs doing, but here I am, doing it. I'm living, breathing testimony to the fact that we can source motivation from desolation, we just need to be crafty. And, hey, we're the 'Pinky and The Brain' generation, we know all about being crafty.

Firstly, pin-point what it is that's making you not want to do the task at hand, because it's likely to run deeper than just laziness. Do you feel like you can't do it? Like you've no chance of succeeding in it so why bother? Shut this voice up quick smart! You can do it. I believe you can do anything, so you should too. Give it a good honest go because:

“100% of the shots you don’t take don’t go in.”
Wayne Gretzky

Turn excuses not to do it into excuses to absolutely do it. 'My tutor won't like it, he's never happy with anything I do' turns into 'My tutor won't understand it, but balls to him, I know I'm set for bigger and better things.' You see? Or 'I'd rather go out and get smashed' could turn into 'Everyone else will go out and get smashed, then have to suffer the stress of scribbling their essays out at the last minute with a massive hangover to boot, whilst I look smugly on with a winner of an essay in my hands.' It's that simple.

Tempt your inner child. Promise yourself a treat for good work. 'I'll do an hour of good hard slogging at (insert task here) then I'll go get a bowl of ice-cream.' Though, do be careful you don't bend the rules on this one, be honest to yourself and reward your hard work accordingly.

Use your handicaps as tools in the trade. If you have an essay due in that makes you want to crawl under your duvet and never come out - work with it. Snuggle into bed with your laptop, and channel your bad feelings right on into it. Start with a rant on why you don't want to do it, write about all the individual bits you just can't do, skip on ahead to the conclusion that's so glaringly obvious, it's impossible to write a thousand words on; just start writing anything. You may soon find the outline of an OK essay forming...

Ignite a little enthusiasm for the subject. I've spoken about it before in terms of acing a job interview, but I'll mention it again because it's bloody brilliant advice. I didn't feel at all like blogging today, I really didn't, but I thought about all the reasons I started blogging in the first place and realised that every day is a challenge, but a challenge I've always been willing to except, with a prospectively amazing outcome - and that got me going again.

If your desolate state seems to be unyielding, could it be down to genuine fatigue? If you feel tired, cranky, achy, depressed etc. all the time, don't be afraid to go and have a chat with your doctor, there could be a medical reason for it that you should really know about.

Tuesday, 23 September 2008

The Art of Making New Friends

Image thanks to lanuiop

Are you struggling to build a group of friends at university? Are you a fresher who suspects that you might? Do you often find it hard to relate to people, or notice your social habits amount to drunken escapades every night just because you feel it’s the only way you’ll ever bond with your peers? Well, it’s time to get a few things straight.

Whether you’re a fresher newly severed from your existing collective, or a second or third year who’s fallen by the wayside of the student social trail, there are a few important things you should remember:

• Remember what a friend is. A friend is someone who you'll want to spend time with; a person to make you giggle, cheer you up, inspire you, and generally enrich your life. A friend is not a default person to sit with at lunch so you don't look like a loner, or another number in your facebook contacts.

• Don’t aim to make friends for a potential boost in social status. If you do you will be inherently failing to make any real, lasting friendships. Look for qualities you respect in others and build friendships upon that, don't just grab and grasp at members of the 'it' group.

• Disregard any notions you may have of needing to be 'popular' as you are essentially plotting your own downfall. The people who contrive to be popular are generally the ones who are internally unsatisfied and lack any real confidence as individuals, therefore they hunt down as much exterior approval as they can get. People who find themselves popular almost by accident tend to be people with a positive self-image and a relaxed nature; they attract numerous friends without even realising it.

• Don’t be a sheep. Following the crowd, fitting in, succumbing to the ‘norm’ – it’s all a load of bull if you aren’t really happy. If everybody is going out and drinking ‘til the early hours, don’t just play along if it’s not what you’re into. Again, if you want lasting friendships, you need to be yourself. A drinking buddy is rarely someone who really presses your buttons as a long term pal, seek out the people who will with the odd, genuine, sober conversation!

• Recognise and reconsider any 'regulations' you've been subconsciously applying to potential new friends. It's that age old quote, but 'don't judge a book by its cover.' A great friend could be right under your nose and you're ignoring them because they don't tick every box in your potential best friend file. So they're a hippy, a rocker, a nerd, we've all seen The Breakfast Club (and if we haven't, we should); friends are to be found in all kinds of funny shapes and sizes, especially at university. Let down your barriers and see where it gets you because, if nothing else has worked for you, this is probably where you've been going wrong.

• Consider how valuable you are as a friend to others. If all other 'tricks' you've tried have failed, why not just relax and let good friends find you? Focus on what a great friend you can be above everything else, then simply aim to demonstrate that to any new people you meet.

• Desperation is never attractive in any sense. Above all, be a friend to yourself, respect who you are, your knowledge, your humour, your talent, your aesthetic, your triumphs and even your failings. Believe me, others will catch on.

What have your experiences been of making friends at university or college?

Monday, 22 September 2008

Words to Live By #6

Image thanks to lebonbonmulticolore

Believe it or not, today was my very first day of University. It was a bit shaky, but really good overall. As a self-confessed nerd, my preliminary lectures are proving to perk me up more than the social side of things, but I'm aiming to get the perfect balance.

I know that, for a lot of you, much more emphasis will be placed on the 'PARTY! PARTY!' side of the University experience, that's cool, and I guess fresher's week is the best time to get it out of your system, but do try and get your money's worth from the experience as a whole. Putting your all into your study now will only ever be rewarding; if you're already moaning about having to sit through a subject talk, then consider if the course is right for you. If you're a fresher it won't be too late to change. Work hard and have fun!

“Work is either fun or drudgery.
It depends on your attitude.
I like fun.”

Colleen C. Barrett

Megan x

Friday, 19 September 2008

Your Autumn/Winter Wardrobe On A Budget

Fashions, seasons, money; they all come and go. The one I’m making it my mission to help you get on top of is money, and with a whole new wardrobe twice a year, you’re never going to hold on to much of it are you? Here are my tips for pulling together your perfect autumn wardrobe with what you may already have, plus a few key items.

Golden Rule: When buying new for changing seasons on a budget, you should seriously consider versatile, basic items that work with what you already have.

The Good Coat

If you spend wisely, a good coat can end up paying off dividends for years. If you splurge foolishly, you’ll likely need a new one next year, for which you’ll probably have less money to spend than you do now. The key is to go for the best quality you can afford, note I say ‘quality’ and not ‘label.’ You need a well designed, well stitched, waterproof, warm, comfortable coat that looks divine on you. (Warning: this may take a little searching to find!) Don’t be tempted by anything too ‘trendy’ or ‘now.’ It’s not going to be ‘now’ next year is it? Invest in a timeless, classic style that will deserve its spot in your wardrobe for years to come. Hats, scarves and gloves are cheap, new-every-season ways to update your look. You may already have the perfect coat stuffed away in the attic, or even right under you nose. Think about it before you hand over your cash!

The Good Jeans

Again, most of the rules for your good coat will apply here. I try not to fall into the trap of wearing jeans every day, yet I do, unyieldingly. So it’s good to know I’ve got my trusties. Seriously, I’ve got pairs I’ve had for years, hand-me-downs even, which are still going strong. You should only really need one or two good quality pairs of jeans. Figure out the style that suits you best and make that investment! Or consider what you may already have.

The Basic, Long-sleeved, White, Cotton Top

Available in great shapes all year round from H&M, they’re my magic winter ingredient to turn my summer wardrobe into a winter one. Get layering! Small summer tops can look great over long sleeves, therefore opening up massive possibility in your wardrobe. You could layer over a colourful long-sleeved top if you liked, but then you’ll probably need a bigger selection and we’re looking at key, versatile pieces, so white or black are probably best.

The Selection of Cardigans or Sweaters

Again for layering, go for a neutral one that’ll go with anything; then a couple in your favourite colours to look cheerful on those rainy days. Quality pays off, I can’t say it enough. If you invest in a timeless style you won’t regret it but, equally, wools are a great way to make a statement and, if it suits you, you can easily update your look each year with cheap’n’chic high street steals. Thin, long cardies are big at the moment.

The Hosiery

Tights are huge this season and have always been a favourite with me for keeping toasty! And, conveniently for winter versatility, woollen ones won’t rule out wearing skirts already in your wardrobe. Obviously, tights are a cheap way to update your wardrobe every year. Right now, bold print and lace are huge; bright jewel colours and footless tights are still hanging about from a few seasons ago; and I currently have a penchant for both white and flower print tights, and over the knee socks.

The Good Boots

And here we have the piece-de-resistance. A fab pair of boots, suitable for gloomy conditions and to go with all outfits, will never fail you. Make them as comfy as possible and don’t be afraid to splash out a little extra for them if you’re honestly sure they’ll last for seasons to come.

All Product Information Here!

What are your autumn/winter season staples? Comment away!

The Saturday Salute 20.09.08

Image thanks to notsogoodphotography

And another weekend rolls around! For many of you next week's a big'un... freshers! Hope you're all really looking forward to it. Here's a petite pick of the week in link form.

Student Body is a blog all about trying to stay fit and healthy whilst staying slave to a hectic schedule at Uni.

If you're a third year feeling the strain of impending adulthood, consider How to Cope With a Quarter-Life Crisis by Miss Gala Darling, or have a giggle at How to Tell You are All Grown Up.

Spend all your spare pennies at ebay store of the moment missfunkystuff. I love the over-sized hair bows!

Adore these Low Impact Woodland Homes. Ethical and SO sweet. Retirement plan anyone...?

Practical points a-plenty, here's a few Mental Heuristics. Print them out as reminders!

That's it for this week folks. Do you have any top links to share? Help a girl out!

Megan x

Wednesday, 17 September 2008

Live To Tell the Tale: How to Survive Fresher's Week

1, 2, 3

The anticipation is building; A Levels are over, you’ve got the grades, your university has opened its loving arms to you, let the fresher festivities commence!

It’s that first stepping stone into ‘the best years of your life.’ This is where it all begins, it should be thrilling, but it can also feel like jumping in at the deep end, be wildly overwhelming and just a little bit terrifying. (Don’t worry you don’t have to admit it to anyone…)

The fact is that everyone’s in the same boat; you are not alone my friend! But here are just a few tips for keeping in mind:

Prepare for:

Everything! This is likely to be all new territory; new town, new people. Be ready to let your guard down, get out of your comfort zone, try new things and learn a thing or two about you. Say ‘Hi’ to everybody – they’ll appreciate it. Treat each new person you meet as a potential best buddy. If in halls, keep your door open, invite people in to hang out, ask advice from them as they pass by your room, just be as open to new relationships as possible because that’ll make or break your freshers experience.

Asking/answering the same questions over and over. You know what I mean ‘what school did you go to?’ ‘I went to so-and-so.’ ‘What are you studying?’ ‘I’m studying so-and-so.’ Trust me, after the 100th repeat you’ll be tempted to make up a new you to talk about, but its all part and parcel of being a newbie. And hey, I’ll let you into a secret on how to impress absolutely anybody and possibly make a friend for life, it’s quite simple: listen. Be genuinely interested in what people have to say, ask thoughtful questions and listen to their story whole-heartedly. People love to talk about themselves and just think, everyone you’ve met will have had different experiences to you; you just might learn something.

Sex! Oh yes. I couldn’t write about being prepared and not bring this one up could I? Girls, Guys, Girly-Guys, Guy-ish Girls – whoever you are and what ever your sexual preference, sex can be all part of the fun of fresher’s week. It happens, it happens a lot, it happens for real love, it happens for drunken love, it happens almost by accident on occasion, just don’t be careless. Even if you don’t anticipate pulling, keep protection on you.

Why? Because STD’s could lurk in even the cutest pants and they sure aren’t pretty. Check out this article and be shocked:

'The 16-24 age group account for 65 percent of all Chlamydia, 50 percent of genital warts and 50 percent of gonorrhoea infections diagnosed in STD clinics across the UK in 2007. Genital warts, caused by the human papillomavirus, are known to cause cervical cancer.'

It’s not all about the health issues either. There’s a little thing called discretion which most of us lose when we’ve had a drink or two. But, unfortunately, the choices we make when we’re under the influence have just the same impact in the cold light of day as the choices we make sober. Just remember that the people you’re meeting in fresher’s week you could potentially be bumping into repeatedly for the next three years. Who needs that kind of strung out shame? Remember, if that little voice in your head is having any doubts, bite your tongue and keep it in your pants, and then ask yourself again in the morning.

S.T.Y.P.’s... Confused? I was too. Find out what I’m talking about here.

Most importantly, be prepared for some seriously fun times. Plan your cutest outfits, stock up on your cheap grog of choice and keep your camera handy – this week is sure to be full of memories in the making.

Be one step ahead of the rest:

Stock up on food at the beginning of the week so there’s no chance you’ll end up skint, with malnutrition, and surviving on a liquid-diet. That certainly wouldn’t bode well for your first week of actual lectures and daytime activity. Keep it simple, you don’t want to be stuck in the kitchen knocking up Grandma’s legendary lamb hotpot, you want to be out getting your groove on.

Image Source

Grab List:

Fruit and Vegetables. Sorry guys, but it’s got to be done. Whether you realised it or not, it’s likely at home you were getting at least a couple of portions a day out of mums cooking and you don’t want to suffer the consequences of missing out on the essential goodies locked away in this fab food group. The great thing about fruit is that it’s a super quick snack – you can just grab it and run. I guarantee you’ll feel miles better even managing just one piece of fruit a day. If you find yourself with Fresher’s Flu, don’t say I didn’t warn you! Your body needs vitamins. There’s no two ways about it. Plus, making 60 – 70% of what you eat fruit and veg is a sure-fire way to save yourself a truckload of grocery budget – that’s more money to spend on booze and accessories! Ready meals and packaged food are bad for your bank account, bad for you and bad for the environment, so limit what you’re buying. All that extra goodness will save your skin from dreaded blemishes, keep you energised, keep you slim, and make you better in bed. All exceptionally good reasons to do it.

Whole grains and quality protein are also key food groups you should make sure you're taking part in. The right balance of nutrients in your diet is so worth that little bit of extra effort in the kitchen. I promise you’ll feel the benefits and have an energy buzz to keep you partying on and on.

Get yourself a stash of ready to go drunk food.

'...what’s a frugal drunk to do? Late night snacks can be pricey, and when you’re somewhat tipsy you don’t care. You need cheap, at-home solutions ready to go. Drunk snacks in a jiffy.'

Check out this article full of strange American suggestions (those wacky Americans!) Or see my own personal favourites.

Milk thistle. This little wonder could be just the answer if you care about your liver but just can’t bring yourself to give up cocktails… well, pitchers of cocktail… to yourself. Find out more here.

An icebreaker. If you’re moving into halls it’s probably going to be a bit awkward for the first few nights – you don’t know these people! Take something along as a conversation starter and mood lifter. A packet of custard creams or Celebrations to share about, a few pairs of shutter shades for laughs or even just your games console. Make it something everybody can join in on and have a giggle about.

Lastly, we’ve all heard stories about fresher’s blowing their loan in that first week of partying hard. You want to have fun, but you want to keep having fun, not end up living off brown rice and beans for the rest of the year. Set yourself a budget, a fair, realistic budget, and then stick to it.

A Few More Quick Tips:

Get organised. Freshers week is all about fun but it’ll be no fun next week if you haven’t got a few things sorted. Grab yourself a student bus pass for the term; get looking for a part time job; sort a T.V. licence if you need to; look into getting some insurance for your personal belongings; register with your campus doctor; make sure you know about and attend all daytime university appointments – no matter how early they are! And keep plenty of cash around as your campus cashpoint could potentially dry up very quickly with all the newbies taking their cut.

I hope you've found this article helful and shall leave you with one final point. You are at university now, not school, you are, by and by, a grown-up with responsibility and you may find that suddenly no one is really on your back about anything; everything is down to you. Hopefully, you are here for all the right reasons. University is a great personal experience, a gleaming opportunity and also a massive dent in YOUR finances! Don’t blow it, you’re here for a reason, make it all worth it.

More, more, more...

Read tips and advice for freshers by Flying Saucer.

Consider Living With Others: Be the genuine article and What I wish I knew when I first started university from Martin at The University Blog.

Check out the dorm room shopping series from College Fashion for some hints on what you'll need.

Anything else niggling at you about that first week of uni? Or do you have some 'older and wiser' tips to pass on? Comment away!

Monday, 15 September 2008

Words to Live By #5

“We are all in the gutter,
but some of us are looking at the stars.”

Oscar Wilde

Megan x

Saturday, 13 September 2008

The Saturday Salute 13.09.08

Ahoy sailors! Here's what's been floating my little student boat this week...

Firstly and fore mostly, read this.

If you're really keen to do well this academic year, how about checking out How to Set Realistic Goals this School Year - it may just give you the edge you need.

College Fashion have a great article on How to Get Rid of Blackheads, come on, you know they haunt your every waking hour!

I've just discovered Student Bloggers. You could go discover them too...

Be inspired by the creator of Facebook or: The World's Youngest Billionaire (and self-made too! Inherited fortune so doesn't count.)

Megan x

Thursday, 11 September 2008

Money Saving Expert

If you haven't familiarised yourself already, what rock have you been hiding under?! Martin Lewis, AKA the Money Saving Expert, is on a one man quest for the rights of the lowly consumer, and he's got loads of tasty tit-bits for us students.

You can sign up to his Money Saving Tips here - a free, regular newsletter delivered straight to your inbox with a wealth of goodies from high street vouchers and 2 for 1 deals on eating out, to the best rates for savers. The information in my Money, Honey 3 part series was largely sourced from Martin's wise words - I think the man's a legend! So, what are you waiting for? Get your butt over there!

Here are a few of his top tips this week:

A round up of the most powerful laptops for under £400, great if your keen to run all the latest programs on your new PC.

If you're in the UK or Scotland, apparently you could bag yourself a free blow-dry or £3 haircut. Get a new look for autumn.

Fancy an all-in-one Canon printer, scanner and photocopier for just £22? (Heck, I know I do!) Here's how. Hurry, offer ends September 29th.

Get some sound advice on cheap student home insurance here.

Last, but definitely not least, check out his 'Must Read' on 'What I Wish I'd Known Before I was A Student'. Experienced students offer up their money advice, great if you're a worried newbie!

Let me know if any of his advice pays off for you! I'd love to hear about your money saving experiences.

Megan x

Tuesday, 9 September 2008

Creating a Sanctuary: How to Make the Most of Your Halls of Residence

Images thanks to Stacy Michelle

In the next couple of weeks many a fresher will be descending upon their adopted cities of study. Most of them will be settling into halls.

Ah halls… you get a boxy little room, free of even a shred of character, scraped clean by an anonymous army of cleaners, with its previous inhabitant’s presence only indicated by the odd blue tack stain. You arrive, load it up with all your Ikea ‘essentials’ and see your parents off with a melancholy wave. Now what? Is this little room… home? ‘fraid so.

Oh, but the potential that’s afoot! The wonders that wait! Think of the many personalised touches of elegance you can add purely for your own enjoyment… Just because you’re a student, doesn’t mean there’s an unwritten requirement to whack up a Che Guevara poster, light some incense and be done with it. That’s certainly not what Charade is about. Why not have a think how can you make your little plot the perfect place for living, loving, studying and generally being fabulous? With a little planning, your room can be your ideal sanctuary. Here are my ideas.

A Place to Study

Hey, don’t shoot the messenger, but it is pretty much why you’re at uni (at least I hope it is!) so your room should be a reflection of that. A good, clear desk space is vital, plus plenty of shelving or storage boxes that are easily accessible for books and folders. Even if you're one of those people to which mess comes naturally, and you're Ok with that, make that extra effort to keep an organised study space amidst the clutter - don't let it be another excuse for not getting that essay in on time! Also - get a plant! It makes perfect feng shui sense, provides your brain with necessary oxygen and, well, they’re pretty...

A Place to Relax

Uni life (as much as the contrary is suggested) does have its stresses and strains. Ideally, your room should be a cosy space, a space that’s all your own, a space that comforts you at the end of ‘one of those days’ which you’re bound to have, particularly in the first few weeks. Make your bed as comfy as possible; load it with pillows and throws so it’s sleep-friendly, but also doubles as a couch in the day. Put up pictures of the people and things you love, hang some fairy lights. Put down a fluffy rug to wriggle your toes in first thing on those winter mornings – a sure-fire way to put a smile on your face! Set up a way to play your favourite music well, whether that be on a CD player, quality ipod dock or just through your laptop; nothing spells comfort better than the familiar, floating notes of your all time favourite tunes.

A Place to Inspire

These first months at uni will be some of the most exciting because, chances are, you’re at last involved in studying what you'd really love to do. Why not get inspired in your halls? Depending on what stirs your creative cogs, de-clutter your space or stuff it with all the many bits and pieces that make you go ‘wow’. Frame magazine cuttings in glass and clips for aesthetic inspiration. Scribble your favourite inspiring quotes on heart-shapes post-its and dot them in obvious places. Invest in a cork board, if you haven’t already, and smother it with all that is beautiful and inspiring to you. Pin up your short and long term goals whilst you’re at uni and consider them daily – the key to success!

A Place to Have Fun!

Your time at university should be as much about having fun as anything else – and don’t you forget it! Fill your room with the things that make you happy, whether that be cheeky kama sutra posters, infamous club night flyers, a beaded curtain, your old teddy, a big bowl of jelly beans, a castle of empty lager cans (ew!) a disco ball, your favourite music, a chin-up bar, a truck load of Hello Kitty stationary – whatever! Make it a place where you’ll love to spend time, and invite your new friends to share too.

More, more, more...

♥ EDIT: Positively Dorm Delicious - if you click one link, let it be this one!

Check out flickr for a little inspiration on Decoración, Work Spaces and being Pretty Organized.

A nice bit of reading on decorating your room here, although, it is focused on the American 'dorm' - just ignore the 'room mate' bit if you're from the UK, you don't have to worry about that!

50 Ways to Make Your Home More Organized, More Attractive, and More Efficient is a meaty article from LifeHack with some top tips.

If you find yourself really struggling to settle into your new space consider Help for the Hopelessly Homesick from Martin at The University Blog.

What are your plans for the perfect student pad? Or, if you're a 2nd or 3rd year - how did you make the most of your space in halls? Picture links are most definately welcome.

Monday, 8 September 2008

Words To Live By #4

Image source

I've recently gone in a new direction where my sense of style is concerned, and recalled this awesome quote from a lady who isn't afraid to wear whatever she wants.

“You know what? I don’t think it’s about wearing the right thing. It’s wearing what you want to wear, and either it works for whoever is judging you, or it doesn’t.”
Mary-Kate Olsen

If you're starting uni in the next couple of weeks, have a think about the way you've been expressing yourself through your attire. If you've been adapting your outfits so as not to upset the status quo at school or college - now's the time to take the reins and wear what feels good, not what you think is expected of you. Ultimately, people will respect you more for truly being yourself.

Have you a style mantra to offer?
Comment away!

Megan x

Sunday, 7 September 2008

The Saturday Salute 06.09.08

Image thanks to veneska~tHOmz

...On a Sunday! Was a bit poorly yesterday and worked/slept through most of my Saturday! Though, who am I to deprive you of the rootin' tootin' salutin' best bits of the week's world wibe web. Here goes...

Very apt, 20 Questions You Should Ask Yourself Every Sunday from 'Marc and Angel Hack Life: Practical Tips For Productive Living.'

But They Did Not Give Up offers a little insight into why the greats were, well, great, and shows how you could be too.

'Thomas Edison's teachers said he was "too stupid to learn anything." He was fired from his first two jobs for being "non-productive." As an inventor, Edison made 1,000 unsuccessful attempts at inventing the light bulb. When a reporter asked, "How did it feel to fail 1,000 times?" Edison replied, "I didn’t fail 1,000 times. The light bulb was an invention with 1,000 steps."

Book Mooch, the simplest ideas are the best. This is a great one if you've found yourself at the end of the year with a load of pricey course books you never used and a whole list of new ones you need.

Very handy Scientific Calculator and Unit Conversion. Bookmark it for when the recipe your mother scribbled down and your ability to judge mass just aren't matching up.

A little bit of lovely, 50 Top Models from Be-a-utiful, get inspired.

Seven Simple Rules For How To Nap. Great tips, I agree with every word! Just try not to do it in lectures...

'...we always get a few comments from people claiming they’re unable to nap during the day; they just can’t fall asleep, or when they do nap, they wake up groggy and unable to work. In that case, read on, my sleepy friends.'

Megan x

Monday, 1 September 2008

Words to Live By #3

Photos thanks to Kell

Hello Monday!
And a big, enthusiastic wave goodbye to August. Here's to September, a shining new month, full of possibility.

"My mum used to say to me 'you can't have
fun all the time,' and I used to say 'why not?'
Why the fuck can't I have fun all the time?"
Kate Moss

What are your words of wisdom this week?
Comment away!

Megan x