Saturday, 27 September 2008

The Saturday Salute 27.09.08

Image thanks to s-a-m

It's the weekend! Here's a list of links to love...

Try documenting a week in your life with Ali from capture.create.

'This is a creative adventure... Some of you out there may be thinking: my life is boring or I do the same thing everyday or what story doI have to tell?... Most likely you will learn something about yourself over the course of this project.
I learn something new every time.'

Take the challenge to Read One Book A Week. Nick Cernis from Put Things Off: The laid back productivity blog guides you through this daunting but very worthwhile mission.

If you're an aspiring young writer, ahem, like moi, you could do yourself a favour and check out One Night Stanzas. There's even an opportunity to get your own work published on the site.

wikiHow has a few helpful hints on How to Take Lecture Notes, handy for uni newbies.

Get in touch with your inner domestic goddess with Your housemates will love you! You should especially salivate over and get inspired by the English Tea Party Recipes. Yum!

Try these...

Megan x

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