Friday, 10 October 2008

What To Do When You Get A Hangover...

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Hangovers suck; you're sick as a dog and yet, generally, can't get a wisp of sympathy because everybody is aware it's totally self-inflicted!

The worst part? Often, you won't even offer yourself sympathy, you're just mad at being such a dimwit and overdoing it as usual.

If you haven't cottoned on already, today I had the. worst. hangover from hell. It got to about 5pm, I was still in bed, and all I kept hearing myself think was 'Oh, you big idiot! Look at this! You've wasted an entire day in bed because you don't know your own limits. When are you going to learn to take care of yourself?!'

Eventually, after this evil uttering had gone around in my head a few times, I decided to give it what for. How did I do this? By allowing myself to use the one simple phrase that I've found to be crucial in making it through life without going insane.

'I forgive myself.'

We are humans, we make big old shining mistakes and then we suffer hangovers to boot! But, you know what? That's fine by me. I learn valuable lessons everyday and without the odd glorious mishap I'd have learnt a lot less over the years.

Whatever your suffering, whether it be self-inflicted sickness, laziness, not being 100% 'fashionable' all the time, over-eating, under-eating, looking 'ugly' now and again, being selfish, being silly, being bitter, being wrong - just know that we all suffer everyday in some small way with our own issues - however minor - nobody is perfect and nobody ever will be.

But we can all apologise to ourselves, and we can all accept that apology. Then, my dears, it's just a case of onwards and upwards! Relentlessly stressing over our issues will never make them go away, accepting them and moving on just might...

So, ladies and gents, today and everyday, your mission is to forgive yourself.

It's such a relief, I'm telling you!

Megan x

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