Wednesday, 29 October 2008

When Unfriendliness Strikes...

Image thanks to icanteachyouhowtodoit

When you first start university everybody is super friendly, why? Because everybody wants to make friends, that's why.

But after a few weeks, you may notice a slight shift. I sure have. Suddenly, people seem less friendly. Maybe it's that they don't start a conversation when you sit down next to them at the start of a lecture, or maybe they don't make the effort to flash you a smile when they walk past. Sound familiar?

These people haven't changed, they're not any meaner than they were 5 weeks ago, of course they aren't. What's happened is their situation has changed: they've made friends. They have a group, they've got themselves a nice little slice of status quo and that's that; they just don't need to make the effort anymore.

You may not have noticed this, you may have happily made your own group of friends and done exactly the same thing.

But if you've not managed to get yourself a 'group' yet, perhaps because you're not massively outgoing or if you live off campus, when this switch occurs, it can be easy to get pretty bummed out pretty quick.

What's the answer? You'll be glad to know it's particularly easy. Just don't you switch, don't you stop being friendly. Hey, if anything, up your game!

YOU start the conversation when they don't, YOU smile when they don't, YOU make the effort. People still want to be friends, they're just not pushing themselves to go out on a limb anymore.

Why not help them out? Do it for them!

You are all that is standing between yourself and a great bunch of mates, open yourself up, and practice drawing people out of their shells too. Switch on that charm in the face of adversity and see where it gets you.

Make their day. Make your day.



Anonymous said...

Thats a really well written article, I suppose even though you have to work harder at making friends...the rewards are much greater not simply because you put the effort in yourself but because that one person will inevitably lead you to a whole circle of new friends xx

Catzy said...

This is so true, and great advice!
And what is there to lose?

Stephybabes said...

You're such a wee ray of sunshine honestly :-) xx

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