Wednesday, 1 October 2008

Who Else Wants to Create Their Own Luck? A Guide to Crafting the Life You Want (On Any Budget!)

The Gods of luck have been good to me just recently, life has been fine, I’ve been smiling. But, hang on… jeez, am I set to chalk all my future good fortune up as the result of a whimsical Irish notion? Put all of life’s fabulousness down to a happy coincidence? Hope for the best? Heck no! Maybe, just maybe, I want to take the reins. Maybe I’d rather create my own luck. In fact, scrap ‘luck’, lets just say… life, I plan to craft my own ideal life.

You fancy it?

There’s no reason why you, or I, or anybody, should not be able to realise the most perfect existence imaginable if we put our minds to it. Manufacturing the life you really want can be done so supremely simply, the question is not ‘can you achieve it?’ but ‘are you willing to achieve it?’

Step One: Precision

Decide exactly what it is you want. Glaringly obvious? Perhaps. But you’d be surprised how unclear we can become about our life’s aims when we fail to consider them regularly. Break it down for yourself. What is ‘the dream’? How will you achieve it? When will you achieve it? You can break it down as much or as little as you desire, as long as you are clear. Example: ‘Today I will start a conversation with at least 2 strangers in my quest to network.’ Or ‘By 2015 I will be in my dream career as a fashion buyer, living in a perfect 2 bed garden flat in London.’ Once you’ve done this, it is just a matter of relentlessly seeking to achieve it.

Step Two: Testimony

Your mind can only ever be so organised, and with daily incomings like ‘finish that essay’ or ‘do the washing up’ other, often more important, aims can be continually pushed aside. Here’s where testimony comes in. Show yourself hard evidence of your aspirations on a daily basis. List ultimate goals and pin them on your notice board or anywhere obvious to you. This can be done as simply as with bullet points, grouping different priority goals together, or you could get super serious about what you want by tracking yearly, monthly, weekly and daily goals on your calendar – giving yourself a deadline can be the key to success.

Make a five, ten, even twenty-five year plan depending the extent of your goals, it’s a simple idea but if you start planning what you want for the future now, think of the chances you’ll actually have achieved it all those years away? Some goals change, but some don’t, lend an eye to the future as well as living for today.

Work in reverse, figure out where you want to be at the end of your chosen time frame, then track back in little steps, even numbering them, until you get where you are right now. Again, this gives you a clearer idea of where you’re headed and how you’re going to get there, plus, it makes anything seem far more achievable.

Step Three: Voice

Writing your goals down is great, but even better to sing them from the rooftops! Give the things you desire a voice. Tell your friends, your family, your lover, your tutors, random passers by! Talk about your goals at every given opportunity, though be careful not to become too self-involved, listen to other peoples goals too – encourage them in theirs.

Once you know exactly what you want, let the universe know too, and you may just find it helps you out. Open yourself up to all those uncanny ‘coincidences’ and perfect opportunities that fall into your lap, tap in to that stream of so-called ‘luck’ and mine it for all it’s worth!

Step Four: Action

"Tomorrow, Tomorrow, I love ya, Tomorrow." Annie

Here’s a heads up – you’ll only ever get so many tomorrows, why not make today your day? Even the smallest thing you do can be chalked up as a step toward your ultimate goal; learn something new - anything! Get some experience; make a new acquaintance; sign up for a lunchtime class at uni; start a blog! Do whatever, just as long as you know you’ve done something.

It's never too early to start taking steps towards the life you want. Despite the importance I've placed on having goals, your perfect existence shouldn't be some elusive object on the horizon; life is what is happening right now, so start making it what you want it to be; start enjoying it.

Essentially, as much as it's important to keep your eye on the pot of gold, isn't it even more important that you learn to love the rainbow?

Megan x

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