Thursday, 13 November 2008

Cheap Tips

Image thanks to clspeace

Soup. It's a meal, in a can, what more can I say? I know, how about that you can get supermarket's own brand tins of soup for less than 20p? That's lunch on a budget if ever I saw it. Get soup with beans or lentils in it and you'll be balancing up your meal a treat.

Bargain knitwear - has it ever looked so good? I bought two gorgeous sweaters for just over £10 yesterday. Primark rocks my world. Grab yourself some brightly coloured knits for a steal.

The clearance, bargain-o-rama. I need say no more.

Free day passes to amazing gyms, that's what I've got my grubby mits on for today. Sniff around your local to see if they've got anything similar on offer, then make the most of it! If your local is a Cannons gym then looky here. Steam room here I come...

My faux-fur jacket from River Island for a mere £54.99. It's so soft and cosy I could cry.

Orange Wednesdays plus student discount equals cinema tickets for under £3 each. Happy days. [Update: I've been told this can't be done, but a nice man let me do it, so there you go...]

Megan x


Jackie said...

I'm such a sucker for soup! It's definitely my bargain meal.

Helen said...

oh i have been dreaming of a cream fur coat for ages! i have seen lots of people with them on. i may look on ebay for a bargain - not working much means even £55 is out of my budget since i already have a winter coat for this season.

i love soup too. homemade soup is just as easy and better for you because some may have lots of salt and nasties in!

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