Saturday, 1 November 2008

The Saturday Salute 01.11.08

Image thanks to re-ality

It's November! I don't quite believe it but it is. For many of you year one college kids that'll mean first assignments due in (eek!) and for absolutely all of you that means an impending Christmas break, woo hoo!

Anyway, seeing as I did the link thing already yesterday, I've got an opportunity for all of my lovely readers...

You do the Saluting!

If you run a blog or website - salute it; if you've seen something awesome on the web this week - salute it; if you're reading an amazing book - salute it; if you're in love with a band or in a band yourself then, by Jove, salute it! You get the picture. Comments will be moderated so they may not appear right away.

Let's all get to know each other a little better...

Over to you!

Megan x


Helen said...

I salute my blog

and HG Wells's Sleeper Awakes which I read this week and loved

Also I salute these beautiful creations

and also my uni modules this semester which I am loving - speculative fiction (sci fi, horror and fantasy!) and contemporary writings (tv screenings, contemporary novels, theatre going and literary events a go go!)

Voila Megan said...

Fantastic salute Helen!

Loving your work.

Adoration x

Laura said...

Even though it's a bit old now, I still salute this video

I swear, it makes me cry everytime I watch it!

Anonymous said...

Hey Megan, me and martha have been watching T4 unsigned this morning and would like to salute 'Bo Bruce' for her amazing throaty sinead o connor-esque voice check out her myspace page :
and no were not still in are pyjamas honest....okay maybe just a little bit xxx

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