Monday, 3 November 2008

Words to Live By #12


Here's what I wore for Halloween. I'm rubbish at remembering to take pictures so this is all I've got... I'll try harder next time!

The first party I went to on the Friday was themed 'dead musicians' and I went as none other than The King himself. I did try to avoid Elvis 'glam' and was going to go for the Jailhouse Rock look but the odds were against me and as soon as I spotted these gold leggings there was just no going back.

Elvis Wig £9 - Local costume shop
Glasses (with attached sideburns!) £2.50 - From the shop where I work
Belt £4.50 - Charity Shop
Leggings £16.50 - Clothing Federation in Bristol
Shirt / Scarf - Already had

Here's how I looked (sorry I didn't get a full body shot.) My boyfriend went as Jimmi Hendrix as you can see and the house looked amazing with blue fairy lights, fake cobwebs and real ivy on the walls.

For the second party I simply did the masquerade thing and my costume pretty much amounted to this mask; low key but just as a effective.

Mask £4.50 - Local costume shop

And that was two parties covered for just shy of £35, not bad for some budget costuming!

Here's my quote for the week, it's a good one:

"You only live once, but if you do it right, once is enough"
Mae West

Also, you may well have noticed the tweaks I've made to the site. My aim is to make navigation to different posts much easier so there will probably be more changes to come, hope you like! I'd love your suggestions on how you think Charade can be improved.

Megan x

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Marrtha...x said...

Oh yeshhh,, I have seen those wonderful pictures,, and been there to whitness the wonderful pigeon bird looking combo of you and wonnderful George!!! Twas a grreat night,, and still lovvin those elvis leggins.....


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