Tuesday, 30 December 2008

Planning and Having Your Best Year Ever in 2009

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Life is, essentially, just one decision made after another. We tumble along haphazardly amidst a series of choices each leading us on to the next path, that path leading to the next destination. One major decision can then, in effect, lead us on the way to a whole new life, and often does. Yet mostly, these decisions are already half made before we even reach the point of having to make them because of the set ideas we have about ourselves and the way life works. Often, our lives are mapped out for us from day one, because we will always limit ourselves in these decisions; we will make assumptions as to the ‘right’ way to go about things, usually as a result of our upbringing.

Year after year our lives can become very, dare I say it, ‘samey’ which is never anybody’s fault but our own. We love ‘samey’ it’s comfortable, it’s reassuring, it’s routine. But if we want to start living our dream lives and achieving all that we can imagine, then we need to kick this cycle in the butt. Let’s plan and have our best year ever in 2009.


Reflection is important because if you don’t pause to track your progress it’s difficult to make the necessary adaptations to move forward productively. If you want this year to be different, to be better, then you need to be completely clear what was great and what lacked in 2008.

What about the past year was a success – why was it successful? Can you continue this success into 2009? What mistakes did you make? What precious lessons did you learn from these mistakes? What made you happy this year? How have your goals changed over the past 12 months, if at all?

Grab a notepad and jot down a few words about 2008. Often, our thoughts become clearest when we start to write them down, and elements may emerge on the page that you hadn’t even considered before. This scribbling will be useful in forming your goals for the coming year which we will talk about a bit later.

Patterns: The Breaking and The Making

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In your reflection patterns may arise. What are your patterns? You might be forgetful, always late, struggling with your weight, a smoker, always looking for love, or all of the above!

Well, you might be surprised to hear that all these things are, actually, totally in your hands. Sure they are, you’re thinking, as if it’s that easy. I say: there are two of you; conscious you and subconscious you. Conscious you is saying you can’t change these patterns, because subconscious you is so accustomed to playing these same sequences over and over again. Honestly, if you’ve been telling yourself for years that you’re always late, that that’s just the type of person you are, then you’ve karate chopped down any chance of changing this pattern and allowed your subconscious to continually live up to this fault. Do you see what I mean?

Conscious you needs to wake up to subconscious you. Who’s really telling you you can’t alter these things?

We’re not doing all our hanging out on Negativity Street however; we all have positive patterns too. What do you consistently do well? Are you great at organising meals for yourself? Able to quickly make new friends? Able to motivate yourself to get work done? Focus on these positive patterns, build on them. Tell yourself why you do these things well, do you enjoy them? Are they ‘easy’? Use this information to help you target your bad habits and learn how to alter them. Let’s look at it like this:

You want to be better at sewing but, perhaps subconsciously, you tell yourself you can’t, you tell yourself it’s hard, that its an unattainable aspiration; a waste of time.
Whenever you take up a needle and thread you fumble about for a minute or two, make a mess, and give up. This is your pattern.

Well, pardon my French, but what a heap of crap. Let’s change this pattern.

How about you tell yourself absolutely and positively that you are a worthy and talented human being, with the capacity to undertake any task you bloody well fancy. (You won’t necessarily believe it at first, but you’ll keep affirming it every single day.) You start to talk about your desire to learn to sew with others, you pick up a few books on it, you picture yourself fashioning delectable delicates in a mere matter of months. You enjoy the hobby, you relish in its prospects. You pick up a needle and thread, you mess up, but decide to have another go, you mess up again, but it’s still fun, you have another go. Improving your sewing becomes a pattern.

Now that we know about patterns, that they are our subconscious at work and that we are in total control of them; can’t we just make up our own ones? Can’t we completely turn our lives around by forging positive, fresh patterns? Whoa now, that’s cool.

So, what will your new patterns be this year? Will you become an early riser? Will you start intense morning beauty routines? Become a gym bunny? Bump up your grades? The person you want to be is there for the taking, you simply need to adopt the habits and patterns that will make you that person, and break the ones that are holding you back.

Go-getter Goals

If you’ve reflected on your goals from last year you’ll probably find that some you achieved and some you didn’t, some are still the same and some have changed. You need to review your goals and change them if you’re serious about achieving them in 2009.

Why didn’t you achieve certain goals in 2008? Perhaps you didn’t track them effectively; perhaps you didn’t set the appropriate deadlines to allow yourself the boost toward getting them done. Goals need to be precise and measurable or time and again you simply will not achieve them. How about this year you set SMART Goals, the acronym varies but I like:


So, for example, ‘I want to be a better person’ won’t do. You need to ascertain what specifically will make you a better person, something realistic and achievable, like helping others. Then be sure that you can measure and set a time frame for your progress, like noting your commitment to a volunteer programme in a weekly diary.

Image thanks to flikr

A diary is useful to track goals, marking steps toward achieving them and noting down dates by which they will be completed. If you simply aren’t the day to day ‘to-do list’ type of person, just buy a gorgeous journal; scribble down your aspirations and make notes on how you’re working toward achieving them regularly.


Focus is key to the achievement of goals. You could happily write a list of a thousand goals you want to achieve this year, lock them away in a drawer and not look at them the whole year. Maybe you’ll find you achieve one or two, but with focus, I believe nearly any realistic goal is achievable within a set time period.

Fashionable Ways to Focus:

If you dream of travel this year, purchase a poster of your aspired destination and blue tack it to the ceiling above your bed, making every morning a reminder of where you really want to be.

If you’re sick of singledom and long for a new partner then write the qualities you want and deserve in your next beau and set them as your desktop screen saver; a sure-fire way to know you’ll never waste time with another loser!

If you want to lose weight most of all, then utilise your fridge door. Grab a healthy eating plan along with a list of positive words you associate with a happy, healthier lifestyle, e.g. vitality, strength or confidence.

2009 Action Plan:

Reflect on 2008
Recognise your patterns, break them, build on them, and create positive new ones
Set SMART goals Focus fashionably

Monday, 29 December 2008

Words to Live by #19

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Normal day, let me be aware of the treasure you are. Let me learn from you, love you, bless you before you depart. Let me not pass you by in quest of some rare and perfect tomorrow. Let me hold you while I may, for it may not always be so. One day I shall dig my nails into the earth, or bury my face in the pillow, or stretch myself taut, or raise my hands to the sky and want, more than all the world, your return.
Mary Jean Iron

This has got to be one of my favourite quotes of all time, I hope it resonates as much with you. Apologies for the lack of meaty posts over the past couple of weeks, but you best believe things will be a'changin from here on out. I've got a documents folder stuffed to the brim with articles I'm working on, including one on having your best year ever in 2009 (I know I will be!) so pop back for that tomorrow.

Can I also say a big thank you to everybody who's voting on the little poll I have running. Be assured that I will be listening to what you say and, judging by the numbers so far, you can expect many more fashion and shopping posts in the new year!

Saturday, 27 December 2008

The Saturday Salute 27.12.08

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Big post-Christmas kisses! Here's the Saturday scoop.

Let's face it, we're all penniless paupers, but what actually is The Cost of College in a Bad Economy?

Betty Confidential as a few sweet tips on How to Shop at Thrift Stores.

How about High Quality Free Icon Sets like these? Me likey.

Awe-inspiring and, well, just fun to look at! Here's 50 of The Most Creative Blog Designs.

Get a handy list of the UK's 2009 January sales from Shop Safe. You can grab your bargains online and avoid a few elbows to the ribs.

Sunday, 21 December 2008

Merry Christmas Cuties!

So, as it's coming up to the big day'n'all, I'm not going to be around a whole lot, but remember there is plenty of Charade to explore. Please poke your nose wherever you fancy and comment away!

Have a fabulous Christmas all my lovely, faithful readers and subscribers. You lot make me go all fuzzy on the inside...

I'll be back with a bumper post on having your best year ever in 2009 so don't be strangers!

Saturday, 20 December 2008

The Saturday Salute 20.12.08

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What'up Saturday shakers?! How's party season treating you?

Stop press! You can currently win a snazzy Palm Centro phone over at College Candy. All you have to do to get your grubby mitts on it is a little bit of Facebooking! (And we all love that...)

Enlightr is a cool site I've just discovered with all sorts of articles on self-improvement and general life, including the cheeky Top 10 Sexual Fantasies and slightly more sedate, but just as intriguing 13 Tips for Getting a Good Nights Sleep.

Sarah Von of Yes and Yes posted a great article this week on giving the gift of good karma, it may well come a little late for you this Christmas but it's sure worth a read.

College Fashion holds The Secret to Making Any Outfit Amazing.

My Mustache Brings All the Girls to the Yard

This is cool, you can 'find and share logins for websites that force you to register' at BugMeNot.Com

Thursday, 18 December 2008

10 Commandments for the Student Consumer

Image thanks to orin

1. Thou shalt believe in the true essence of fashion: fun! Not hefty price tags or designer labels.

2. Thou shalt have fashion idols (but don’t spend too much time worshipping them, they probably don’t know a whole lot more than you do.)

3. Do not swear falsely by your purse; pointless and insincere spending is prohibited.

4. Remember to give yourself a day off. Take one day in the week where you spend no money whatsoever; learn from that day.

5. Honour thy father and thy mother; listen to their wise words when it comes to matters of spending. They’ve got a whole lot more experience than you, even if you’d rather not admit it.

6. Thou shalt not murder thine own bank balance. It’s your life line, so show it a little respect.

7. Thou shalt cheat. Don’t commit yourself to any one bank, store card, or label; they’ll never love you back, it’s just your money they’re after.

8. Thou shalt not steal. It’s just wrong, okay?

9. Thou shalt not bear false witness against thy neighbour. Help your friends out; don’t tell them that dress looks good when you know it doesn’t, spare a thought for their funds.

10. Thou shalt not covet. Don’t waste your time desiring that which has been given to another, put your energies into appreciating what you have.

Tuesday, 16 December 2008

Student Portraits

Who? Claire of The View From Here

Where do you study?
Oxford Brookes as a post-graduate (law conversion course). I was at Oxford University as an undergraduate (physics).

Where are you from? Have you travelled far to study? If yes, what made you choose to do so? If not, why not?

My family live in Yorkshire, so I’ve travelled a fair way!! I was lucky enough to be accepted into The Queen’s College, Oxford, it’s not really something you can turn down!! I also wanted to be far enough so that I was making a fresh start and in a completely new place.

What made you choose the path of higher education?

I was good at school and sixth form college and I loved my subject at the time (that quickly changed but we’re good now!). It seemed like the right thing to do at the time.

What do you love most about the course you study?

Law is fascinating – it’s so applicable to everything. Any time I look at the news, there’s always something legal. And some of the laws we’ve got are not what you would expect with common sense at all.

What do you love most about the place where you study?
Oxford is such a beautiful city, but the thing I loved the most was having the opportunity to do so much. With a collegiate system, there are loads of clubs at a beginner’s level, which you don’t get so much at other places. SO I spent a lot of time doing “extracurriculars” (I hate that word!!).

What would you change about your higher education experience?
I don’t think I would change anything – if I did, I wouldn’t have had the experiences I was lucky enough to have. Although would making the laundry cheaper count??

What are your main interests outside studying? Do they tie in with your future career?

My main interest outside of studying is fashion! I’d actually love to get involved with fashion law at some point, it seems like it wouldn’t be taken that seriously but there’s a lot of intellectual property and contract and international law involved. I also love cooking and baking, but I doubt I’d be able to make anything of that in law!
Before this year, I used to be really really involved with the boat club (I coxed). There is no way I’d be able to make a career of it though!

What are your aspirations after University?

I want to be a successful lawyer!! Apart from that, I suppose my main aim is to be happy, whatever it takes.

Do you have any favourite student websites or blogs?

I really like Beyond Baked Beans, the student food website! I also love Cheapskate Chic, DaisyChainDreams and Flying Saucer.

What would your three top tips be for a fabulous lifestyle on a student budget?

1. ebay!! It’s a marvellous tool! I get addicted at certain times, then ignore it for months. It’s good for buying clothes/bags/dvds which should be more expensive but which are quality.

2. Read lots of fashion blogs, because they’re normal people who don’t have infinite amounts of money either!

Make a lookbook – I cut out pictures from magazines, and put them into one place so that if I get uninspired (or rarely get a bit of money to spend!!), I’ve got somewhere to go for ways of mixing up what I wear.

Thanks Claire!

If you are a student who runs a blog or website, and you're interested in taking part in Student Portraits, then go ahead and email me at: mycharade@hotmail.com

Monday, 15 December 2008

Words to Live By #18

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"We have to dare to be ourselves, however frightening or strange that self may prove to be."
May Sarton

Sunday, 14 December 2008

The Saturday Salute 13.12.08

Image thanks to Shereen M

So... it's technically not Saturday any longer, but you forgive me.

Don't you?

I big time love this lace dress from BoredOfTheHighstreet.Com and it's a total bargain. Go snap one up!

Like my new snazzy signature? You can have one too.

I Want Your Job: Fashion Buyer is an interesting article for those of you heading towards this sought after career.

Secrets for Money is a relatively new blog which is worth keeping an eye on.

Sorry this week's salute is a little skimpy, hope you enjoy the links nonetheless!

Friday, 12 December 2008

Getting the Most From Your Winter Basics: Chunky Knits

Welcome to the third part in my Winter Basics series, I hope you've enjoyed my ideas on wearing The Sweater and The Skinny Jeans. Now we're moving on to what winter is all about - Chunky Knits! They come in many forms and I've thrown together a few looks that are really easily achieved with this winter basic.

Hey, haven't you heard? Retro prints are so in right now. Raid your grandad's wardrobe for some sought-after, seasoned style.

Product Information

Mix and match your solid knits with floaty slips and delicate lace to achieve a stunning contrast.

Think the poncho is well and truly dead? Why not resurrect it?! I'm serious, they're warm, retro and cover all manner of sins. Hark back to the 70's with fringed boots and high-waisted jeans.

Product Information

Go girly with a jumper dress layered over long sleeves and leggings, complimented by the perfect pair of mittens.

Knits aren't just about keeping warm; it's easy to go glam. Make like an off duty celeb and pair a chunky cardigan with sunglasses and a flashy bag.
Product Information

Rediscover knit styles you thought you'd left behind forever like leg warmers and bobble hats.

Knits make for real preppy potential. Adorn an old school sweater vest and team it with a pleated skirt and woolly tights.

Product Information

Wednesday, 10 December 2008

I Love Your Blog

Oh, my. The flattery! The gorgeous Sarah Von Bargen of Yes and Yes has so graciously nominated me as a blog she loves.

Well, I guess it's only fair that I pass the pleasure on then isn't it?

There are some mighty big blogs out there that press my buttons a whole lot, but they already know I love them, along with hundreds of others! So I'll stick to smaller blogs and recent finds if that's OK with everyone!

I Daily Fashion Boost run by Sam, a cuter than cute, super stylish fashion student. Go fall in love with her too.

I Afeitar. I really do. Helen is such a treasure and I love the way she portrays her little world.

I Wish Wish Wish. Carrie's probably had the award about fifty times over, but I can't help it, I admire her too much!

I Coral Stars. It's just all too cute!

I Capture the Castle. This blog has definitely captured my heart. Hook, line and sinker.

Tuesday, 9 December 2008

Student Portraits


Tim Stiffler-Dean of AnotherGuy's Weblog

Where do you study?

I study Business Administration with an emphasis in Web Development and Vocal Music at Sinclair Community College in Dayton, Ohio.

Where are you from? Have you travelled far to study? If yes, what made you choose to do so? If not, why not?
I was actually born in Dayton, but moved about once a year to different states in the US before coming back. I drive about 15 minutes every day to school and work just a few minutes away at an advertising agency called The Next Wave

What made you choose the path of higher education?

I had actually joined the US Marines in my senior year of high school. After finding out that I had a musical talent to sing, I decided to try myself at a few classes in the nearby community college that a friend taught at. I've been there ever since, though switching my major is an annual ritual that I go through to try and find out what I really want to do. I've decided that I'll never actually be happy until I own my own business, and so learning the basics of running a business is top on my list right now.

What do you love most about the course you study?
I work at an advertising agency, so taking what I learn about web development, design and business administration and applying it to my current job is a very easy thing to do. I not only become a better employee, but I gain connections with other students and some faculty who are farther into their careers in business than I am. The networking opportunities are fantastic and I wouldn't change that for anything.

What do you love most about the place where you study?
Sinclair Community College is one of the cheapest in the Eastern US, but it also has some of the greatest professors that I have found. Because classes are so much smaller and the students are all so focused on getting a good education, rather than just getting the college experience, the atmosphere is perfect to take advantage of and learn as much as possible.

What would you change about your higher education experience?
I would eventually want to be put in better opportunities to grow responsibilities and experience right on the campus. For example, right now I am learning to be a stronger leader by volunteering as the President of the Sinclair Choral Music Association, but it would be so much better if I could also work with their web development team or do advertising for them. That's a bit more difficult of a goal to achieve and highly unlikely, but it's about the only thing I would actually want to change.

What are your main interests outside studying? Do they tie in with your future career?

I find myself writing a lot more lately, whether for my personal blog or for interviews on other websites (wink) or even at work where I am writing tutorials. My day consist of school, work and then coming home to my computer where I can do some more reading on the web about what is going on in the world of advertisement and web development.

Of course, I also love to be around people and singing. The photo that I have attached shows me singing on a Baseball field the US National Anthem. On a bit of the romantic side of me, that (performances) will only last so long because I plan to one day give my voice to the woman I fall in love with. (This is your cue for saying "Aww... how precious!"

What are your aspirations after University?

Like I said, I want to own my own business one day. My first job that I had was actually for a company called Veritas Studios, a web development firm that I co-founded with another friend of mine from college. You could say it's in my blood to lead and to be in a problem-solving position. I still have a ton to learn before I can really do the great job that I want to, but I'm on my way to doing just that.

Do you have any favourite student websites or blogs?

Mine (hahaha). I also love Gearfire Productivity, HackCollege, StudentBloggers.org and Moments in Time. My Google Reader is filled with subscriptions to dozens of other sites though, so for now I'll list those and if you ask for more I can give you those later. :)

What would your three top tips be for a fabulous lifestyle on a student budget?

1. Confidence is the number one important thing that every college student needs to have. To have a fabulous lifestyle you need to be comfortable in yourself and know what to do when and where. Not only will people notice you as a person who is in control, but those guys and gals that you look to for relationships will be more than happy to walk along at your side. With confidence you don't have to spend a ton of money on clothes or go to expensive restaurants or anything. In fact, if you are really confident in yourself then you will have more fun while spending absolutely no money at all.

2. Go out of your way for other people. This may sound weird because sometimes it will cost you money, but I've found that when I go to a friend who is having trouble outside of our regular class schedules, they will almost ALWAYS return the favor in some way. There are times when I have no money at all to even get food or gas for my driving, and in those times the people that I was able to give support come through and do the same for me.

3. I know it's tempting, but just because the bank will keep giving you loans or raising the limits on your credit cards doesn't mean that you should use them for anything except emergencies. Loans are amounts of money that you don't actually have, meaning you are in debt when you use them. I got into a mess early on with using my Credit Card as if it were my checking account, buying stuff that I had no business buying because my thoughts were that I had money on that card, when in fact I did not at all.

The less money you spend now, the more money that you will have in the future because you don't have all kinds of debts that need paid. :)

And a note from Megan... Thanks Tim for a wonderful interview, lots of useful info in there! I especially love your top tips. If you guys have any questions you can get in touch with Tim by heading over to his blog which is linked above.


Monday, 8 December 2008

Words to Live By #17

Image thanks to Ramona.Forcella

"Life isn’t divided into genres. It’s a horrifying, romantic, tragic, comical, science-fiction cowboy detective novel. You know, with a bit of pornography if you're lucky."
Alan Moore

Megan x

Saturday, 6 December 2008

The Saturday Salute 06.12.08

Image thanks to Katie Dureault

Hello angels! It's that day again... yup, grand ol'Saturday! And I'm here to dish out the best bits of my web-shaped discoveries over the past week.

Ok, firstly, you can totally get 10% off as a student (or perhaps even if you aren't...) using this code at Miss Selfridge Online. That's potentially some pretty thrifty threads!

The View From Here is a U.K. student's fashion blog, and good one. Hoorah!

Sweeter than sweet Rachel of Chezlin craft blog shows you how to turn an old cassette tape into a super cool coin purse.

With a few lovely, cheap and simple ingredients you can make these delicious looking raspberry breakfast bars from Smitten Kitten. Yummo.

Bargain beauty products? Yes please! Run, don't walk, over to Bath and Body Recipes, where you can get set to make your own Deep Pore Facial Cleanser, Deodorant or even Bath Bombs.

Feeling a tad lonely this holiday season? Looking for love? Mingle 2 is an utterly free online dating site.

Any salutes from your end this week?

Megan x

Friday, 5 December 2008

My Top Five Most Stylish Bloggers and How to Recreate Their Looks

Gala Darling of iCiNG

Ms Darling isn’t at the top of my list for nothing, she’s a style siren, and what makes her so isn’t designer labels or fashion whoredom, its pure unadulterated self-belief. But does she keep the secret to all this quirky confidence to herself? No siree, she dishes out tonnes of useful content to inspire even the most introverted.

Signatures: Her bootylicious bright head of hair, a touch of goth and a whole lotta’ pink! Gala’s style is all about picking pieces you love dearly and wearing them with pizazz. She’s certainly not a gal you’d overlook in the street.

Here’s how I’d do her look:

Product Information

Sandra Beijer of Niotillfem

Sandra looks to have just popped back to the real world from the land of far far away, leading a fanciful life of fairytale in full skirts and hair bows.

Signatures: Her passion for pastels and cute cropped hair.

Here’s how I’d do her look:

Product Information

Alix a.k.a The Cherry Blossom Girl

Board the Cherry Blossom train on a one way trip to romance town.

Signatures: A sweet concoction of beige hues and beach-inspired nauticals, always with a hint at floral.

Here’s how I’d do her look:

Product Information

Nubby Twiglet

Nubby is the official mistress of monochrome, the madam of Miu Miu. Her look is bold and boisterous, yet totally cute and feminine.

Signatures: Her jet black hair, bright red lips and nameplate necklace from Helpless Romantic.

Here’s how I’d do the look:

Product Information

Lisa of Lisa Place

Lisa makes boho-babe look easy as pie. She’s mastered slouchy style and boy is it worth salivating over. Documenting a life all about lights, camera, action, you’d be hard pressed not to fall head over heels for her whimsical window on the world.

Signatures: Over sized t-shirts and super tight leggings.

Here’s how I’d do the look:

Product Information

Megan x

Thursday, 4 December 2008

Cheap Tips for Supermarket Shopping

Image thanks to ralphbijker

Here are some thrifty things you can do to save money on munching:

Shop mid-week and shop late (like a half-hour before your local supermarket shuts) for incredibly cheap last minute bargains. We got a four pack of kiwis for 10 pence, 10 pence I tell you! And they were nice too. You should know that most use-by dates are set ridiculously early so that the supermarkets are sure to cover their backs. Excluding meat and dairy, most products are fine to eat outside of this date if they look and smell appetizing.

♥ Learn to love your greens! Easy to cook, super cheap, super filling and super good for you. Leafy green vegetables contain almost all the good stuff your body needs, so let them take up the majority of your shopping basket, and your plate. We bought a delicious savoy cabbage for 50 pence and have yielded a good six decent sized portions from it, that's less than 10p a portion people!

Check savings. If something says 'buy two and save!' or 'buy three for £4' be sure to check how much you're actually going to save rather than just picking it up on autopilot. Often these savings are mere pennies and your better off sticking to another brand.

Buy just what you need. If you fancy a bit of cheese, don't just head straight to the aisles and grab the biggest, cheapest block they have. Think how much you really need (if you're just buying for yourself and are eating sensibly, this shouldn't be much more than 100g) head to the deli counter and ask for that amount. Saves money, and you won't be stuffing yourself silly on it for the next week because you don't want to waste it. Same goes for meat and fish.

Discipline yourself. Put one thing back whenever you've finished you're rounds at the supermarket. Trust me, it's nearly always a good idea and you know it.

♥ Read this eye opening article on Supermarket Shopping from Money Saving Expert on the slyness of supermarket spend traps and you'll never shop in the same way again.

♥ If you want to eat out in the UK make sure you also check out the Restaurant Deals from Money Saving Expert because there's nearly always a 2 for 1 offer at top choices like Pizza Express and Bella Italia. Yum.

What do you do to avoid splashing too much cash at the supermarket?

Tuesday, 2 December 2008

Getting the Most From Your Winter Basics: The Skinny Jeans

This is the second post in my series on wearing your winter basics well, you can read the first post on 'The Sweater' here.

I know that some people avoid jeans like the plague, and they're absolutely right, jeans can often represent a complete fashion rut - I know they do for me. However, one or two good quality pairs of jeans can be great to tide you through a cold winter, and there are more style directions you can take with them than you may think. I've chosen skinny jeans for these examples because I think they're the most versatile.

Try with a long sweater and thigh high boots for cosy winter style.

Grab yourself some iron or sew on patches to tattoo your jeans.

Treat your jeans as simply 'denim leggings' and wear under a floral dress for the day or evening.

Change the buttons if there are any. You can usually get lots of random buttons from your local charity shop for free or for a small donation.

Go all lumber jack chic and wear with plaid and Doc Martins.

Fold or scrunch up the bottoms of your jeans for a whole different styling with heels or sandals.

If you're off to get some winter sun, don't forget jeans can be useful for the cooler evenings worn with a simple white tank and sexy scarf.

Product Information

Do you wear jeans a lot in winter? If so, how? If not, why not?

Don't forget to also check out my article on Your Autumn/Winter Wardrobe On A Budget for some more tips.

Megan x