Tuesday, 2 December 2008

Getting the Most From Your Winter Basics: The Skinny Jeans

This is the second post in my series on wearing your winter basics well, you can read the first post on 'The Sweater' here.

I know that some people avoid jeans like the plague, and they're absolutely right, jeans can often represent a complete fashion rut - I know they do for me. However, one or two good quality pairs of jeans can be great to tide you through a cold winter, and there are more style directions you can take with them than you may think. I've chosen skinny jeans for these examples because I think they're the most versatile.

Try with a long sweater and thigh high boots for cosy winter style.

Grab yourself some iron or sew on patches to tattoo your jeans.

Treat your jeans as simply 'denim leggings' and wear under a floral dress for the day or evening.

Change the buttons if there are any. You can usually get lots of random buttons from your local charity shop for free or for a small donation.

Go all lumber jack chic and wear with plaid and Doc Martins.

Fold or scrunch up the bottoms of your jeans for a whole different styling with heels or sandals.

If you're off to get some winter sun, don't forget jeans can be useful for the cooler evenings worn with a simple white tank and sexy scarf.

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Do you wear jeans a lot in winter? If so, how? If not, why not?

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Megan x


Jackie said...

In Winter, I usually always wear jeans. I can't think of anything warmer. Plus, where i live, there can be tall piles of snow I have to trudge through to get to class, egad!

I guess I don't often jazz up my jeans. But, I do own loads of simple long-sleeved shirts that I jazz up with scarves or cardigans or layers. Obviously, I'm not very fashion-savvy =p

But, I really do like that lumberjack look. That seems perfect and cozy for good ol' Michigan.

Voila Megan said...

Thanks Jackie, great comment as always.

Adoration x

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