Wednesday, 10 December 2008

I Love Your Blog

Oh, my. The flattery! The gorgeous Sarah Von Bargen of Yes and Yes has so graciously nominated me as a blog she loves.

Well, I guess it's only fair that I pass the pleasure on then isn't it?

There are some mighty big blogs out there that press my buttons a whole lot, but they already know I love them, along with hundreds of others! So I'll stick to smaller blogs and recent finds if that's OK with everyone!

I Daily Fashion Boost run by Sam, a cuter than cute, super stylish fashion student. Go fall in love with her too.

I Afeitar. I really do. Helen is such a treasure and I love the way she portrays her little world.

I Wish Wish Wish. Carrie's probably had the award about fifty times over, but I can't help it, I admire her too much!

I Coral Stars. It's just all too cute!

I Capture the Castle. This blog has definitely captured my heart. Hook, line and sinker.


Sam said...

Aah thank you so much dear! That's so sweet! But I already got it 2 times and I think it's too much if I would post it on my blog. But still, thank you so much! I really appreciate it.

Anonymous said...

I don't expect you to approve this comment but I thought I would point out that of all blogs to rip off a layout and ethos from, Galadarling has to be one of the most mediocre out there. But more than that, it's a pretty well known blog and yours, as a result, just looks amateur. My advice would be to change your colour scheme. I'm not trying to bully you, it just shocked me to see something that is so close to plagiarism.

Voila Megan said...

'Anon' - Firstly, thanks for your input, you obviously feel strongly about this and it would have been wrong of me to reject your comment as I find all opinions valid. In reply, Gala has visited and commented on this blog and I have had no complaint from her regarding this subject. Clearly she has had an incredibly strong impact upon many people, including me, not just in regards to my blog but in my general life. She is a spectacularly positive woman and I have no issues with my being inspired by this ethos. I'm sorry this has bothered you to the extent that you felt you needed to leave such a comment. As for a change of colour scheme, I don't think pink has been trademarked.

All the best,

Helen said...

Thank you dear Megan! (that above commenter may just be bitter because they didn't get a lovely award off you<3)

ras said...

I read both your blog and Icing and To be honest, I dont see this plagiarism, both blogs are positive and unique in their own way, they speak of two different parts of the same world and are both wonderful as a result.

Congratulations on such a diplomatic response to negativity, it really does speak volumes.


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