Friday, 5 December 2008

My Top Five Most Stylish Bloggers and How to Recreate Their Looks

Gala Darling of iCiNG

Ms Darling isn’t at the top of my list for nothing, she’s a style siren, and what makes her so isn’t designer labels or fashion whoredom, its pure unadulterated self-belief. But does she keep the secret to all this quirky confidence to herself? No siree, she dishes out tonnes of useful content to inspire even the most introverted.

Signatures: Her bootylicious bright head of hair, a touch of goth and a whole lotta’ pink! Gala’s style is all about picking pieces you love dearly and wearing them with pizazz. She’s certainly not a gal you’d overlook in the street.

Here’s how I’d do her look:

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Sandra Beijer of Niotillfem

Sandra looks to have just popped back to the real world from the land of far far away, leading a fanciful life of fairytale in full skirts and hair bows.

Signatures: Her passion for pastels and cute cropped hair.

Here’s how I’d do her look:

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Alix a.k.a The Cherry Blossom Girl

Board the Cherry Blossom train on a one way trip to romance town.

Signatures: A sweet concoction of beige hues and beach-inspired nauticals, always with a hint at floral.

Here’s how I’d do her look:

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Nubby Twiglet

Nubby is the official mistress of monochrome, the madam of Miu Miu. Her look is bold and boisterous, yet totally cute and feminine.

Signatures: Her jet black hair, bright red lips and nameplate necklace from Helpless Romantic.

Here’s how I’d do the look:

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Lisa of Lisa Place

Lisa makes boho-babe look easy as pie. She’s mastered slouchy style and boy is it worth salivating over. Documenting a life all about lights, camera, action, you’d be hard pressed not to fall head over heels for her whimsical window on the world.

Signatures: Over sized t-shirts and super tight leggings.

Here’s how I’d do the look:

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Megan x


Gala said...

Blush! Swoon! Faint!

Thank you so much for mentioning me, you're adorable! I'm so flattered!

Big kisses!

Ali said...

thanks for what you did with the blogs! it's really useful! :)

Nubby said...

Thanks so much for including me! Such a cute, stylish post!


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