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Student Portraits


Tim Stiffler-Dean of AnotherGuy's Weblog

Where do you study?

I study Business Administration with an emphasis in Web Development and Vocal Music at Sinclair Community College in Dayton, Ohio.

Where are you from? Have you travelled far to study? If yes, what made you choose to do so? If not, why not?
I was actually born in Dayton, but moved about once a year to different states in the US before coming back. I drive about 15 minutes every day to school and work just a few minutes away at an advertising agency called The Next Wave

What made you choose the path of higher education?

I had actually joined the US Marines in my senior year of high school. After finding out that I had a musical talent to sing, I decided to try myself at a few classes in the nearby community college that a friend taught at. I've been there ever since, though switching my major is an annual ritual that I go through to try and find out what I really want to do. I've decided that I'll never actually be happy until I own my own business, and so learning the basics of running a business is top on my list right now.

What do you love most about the course you study?
I work at an advertising agency, so taking what I learn about web development, design and business administration and applying it to my current job is a very easy thing to do. I not only become a better employee, but I gain connections with other students and some faculty who are farther into their careers in business than I am. The networking opportunities are fantastic and I wouldn't change that for anything.

What do you love most about the place where you study?
Sinclair Community College is one of the cheapest in the Eastern US, but it also has some of the greatest professors that I have found. Because classes are so much smaller and the students are all so focused on getting a good education, rather than just getting the college experience, the atmosphere is perfect to take advantage of and learn as much as possible.

What would you change about your higher education experience?
I would eventually want to be put in better opportunities to grow responsibilities and experience right on the campus. For example, right now I am learning to be a stronger leader by volunteering as the President of the Sinclair Choral Music Association, but it would be so much better if I could also work with their web development team or do advertising for them. That's a bit more difficult of a goal to achieve and highly unlikely, but it's about the only thing I would actually want to change.

What are your main interests outside studying? Do they tie in with your future career?

I find myself writing a lot more lately, whether for my personal blog or for interviews on other websites (wink) or even at work where I am writing tutorials. My day consist of school, work and then coming home to my computer where I can do some more reading on the web about what is going on in the world of advertisement and web development.

Of course, I also love to be around people and singing. The photo that I have attached shows me singing on a Baseball field the US National Anthem. On a bit of the romantic side of me, that (performances) will only last so long because I plan to one day give my voice to the woman I fall in love with. (This is your cue for saying "Aww... how precious!"

What are your aspirations after University?

Like I said, I want to own my own business one day. My first job that I had was actually for a company called Veritas Studios, a web development firm that I co-founded with another friend of mine from college. You could say it's in my blood to lead and to be in a problem-solving position. I still have a ton to learn before I can really do the great job that I want to, but I'm on my way to doing just that.

Do you have any favourite student websites or blogs?

Mine (hahaha). I also love Gearfire Productivity, HackCollege, StudentBloggers.org and Moments in Time. My Google Reader is filled with subscriptions to dozens of other sites though, so for now I'll list those and if you ask for more I can give you those later. :)

What would your three top tips be for a fabulous lifestyle on a student budget?

1. Confidence is the number one important thing that every college student needs to have. To have a fabulous lifestyle you need to be comfortable in yourself and know what to do when and where. Not only will people notice you as a person who is in control, but those guys and gals that you look to for relationships will be more than happy to walk along at your side. With confidence you don't have to spend a ton of money on clothes or go to expensive restaurants or anything. In fact, if you are really confident in yourself then you will have more fun while spending absolutely no money at all.

2. Go out of your way for other people. This may sound weird because sometimes it will cost you money, but I've found that when I go to a friend who is having trouble outside of our regular class schedules, they will almost ALWAYS return the favor in some way. There are times when I have no money at all to even get food or gas for my driving, and in those times the people that I was able to give support come through and do the same for me.

3. I know it's tempting, but just because the bank will keep giving you loans or raising the limits on your credit cards doesn't mean that you should use them for anything except emergencies. Loans are amounts of money that you don't actually have, meaning you are in debt when you use them. I got into a mess early on with using my Credit Card as if it were my checking account, buying stuff that I had no business buying because my thoughts were that I had money on that card, when in fact I did not at all.

The less money you spend now, the more money that you will have in the future because you don't have all kinds of debts that need paid. :)

And a note from Megan... Thanks Tim for a wonderful interview, lots of useful info in there! I especially love your top tips. If you guys have any questions you can get in touch with Tim by heading over to his blog which is linked above.


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