Thursday, 8 January 2009

Fashion First Aid

Image thanks to irina slutsky

Are you parked up in fashion purgatory? Lounging in wardrobe limbo? Has your style gone stale? Then you my friend, need a little fashion first-aid. If putting an outfit together in the morning fills you with dread of unearthly proportions, this quick fix is guaranteed to get things sizzling once again.

So guys, grab a notepad and pen, throw open your wardrobe or drawers and lets get down to the nitty-gritty. Our aim is to conclusively decide on 5 key items that we can purchase to tie everything together. We’re not talking Manolo Blahniks and Chanel handbags, we’re talking cheap and chic basics.

Need a little inspiration? I'm here to help!

What factor stops you wearing certain items? Perhaps its warmth. Grab a cosy, multipurpose cardigan like this one from Forever 21.

What about practicality? Invest in some useful underwear that will help you to adorn those items you’ve been neglecting. Try some 'concealit' nipple stickers, some incognito super support pants or this handy AA bra:

Have you ended up with a heap of jazzy, colourful items that you can’t put together however hard you try? Why not invest in a plain, versatile item like this swing dress from SUPRÉ:

Or have you got the classic ailment of too much black? Get some colour in there by biting the bullet and getting a bright jacket like this little Forever 21 number:

Always wishing you had something in a certain colour to make other items more wearable? Try some bright leggings like these from Wetseal:

Get them!

Are you sick of always wearing trousers? What about a versatile skirt like this one from American Apparel? (It goes high waist or low rise and doubles as a tube top.)

Get it!

Are your shoes failing to inspire you? Letting your outfits down? Think of a basic wear-with-anything style like some Keds trainers or these bargain boots:

Maybe your daily outfits lack a single, unifying feature. Why not go for a striking accessory you’ll wear again and again like a nameplate necklace from Helpless Romantic:

Feel like you’ve got a great selection of clothes that you just can’t conjure into an up to date ensemble? Go for a fashion focal point like a funky waist belt from Asos or stand-out hosiery from Pamela Mann.

Of course, these are just my ideas; the point of fashion first aid is that you need to work out exactly what’s missing from your own wardrobe. If you really take this exercise seriously, pick precisely, exactly the right items and buy them all in one go, the wonders that can be performed on your wardrobe are unbelievable. You really will be stunned at what a dream it becomes to get dressed in the morning.

Be sure to set a budget for yourself; this isn't an invitation to go wild ladies! Keep in mind though that the more you spend now on increasing the wearability (should be a word) of what you already have, the less you'll need to spend on whole new outfits in the coming months, hopefully meaning a saving. Get five items at roughly £15-£20 each and that's a bargain £75-£100 to open up a whole new way of wearing your wardrobe. Good luck!


Claire said...

Great post!!!

By the way, I've tagged you... it's not an annoying tagging, honest!

Harriet said...

wow, great ideas! I think I've said that on several of your recent posts, but that's because it's true :)

I used to be a terrible shopper - drawn only to exciting pretty things (which was great!) that didn't go with anything else I owned (which was bad!). I'm much better these days at buying the basics, even if they are a bit boring to make my clothes more versatile, but it's always good to have a reminder!

College Becky said...

You definitely have shared some awesome ideas! I like that you are focusing on the basics. I, like Harriet has commented, usually am drawn to things that I cannot coordinate with other items in my wardrobe but things that catch my eye. For instance, I bought a very cute pair of stylish boyfriend shorts but do not own a shirt that matches. I need to take your advice and stick to the basics to spice up my wardrobe!

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