Thursday, 1 January 2009

Happy New Year ♥

Image thanks to Jeffrey Sims Photography

It's New Year's Day here in England and the above image is pretty much how I'm feeling about 2009! I hope that wherever you are you rang it in with style.

Have you made resolutions? Here are a few nifty tips for making some you might actually want to stick to:

Why not make the resolution to make monthly resolutions? Start each month announcing to friends and family something you wish to achieve in that coming four weeks. It can be small or big, anything really, just think how much more likely you are to achieve it when breaking it down into a more manageable time frame. Each one could relate and add up to make an amazing years achievement, like doing something small to build your blog every month.

Team up with a girlfriend, boyfriend or family member and make each other a resolution. You may be surprised what others see as a necessary change for you this year.

Draw your resolution. You don't have to be amazing at art, a 5 minute doodle will do, as long as the image is striking enough to conjure the challenge to you. You could frame and hang it so it's always there to spur you on.

Steal a resolution. Heard a great one? Take it! Even if it might not initially seem that relevant, other peoples resolutions could be very interesting to follow...

Make it your resolution to help a friend achieve their resolution. Think how great you'll feel if they're successful, and they can always help you out next year.

Charade Resolutions: I have a couple of ideas for things I'd like to start incorporating into this blog but I don't want to mix things up too much without your valued consent!

I recieved an amazing Nikon D40 camera for Christmas this year; I'm no photographer but it's something I'd love to dabble in. What do you think of more of Megan's own pictures on Charade?

Daily outfits are something I already do privately, but I've been thinking for a long time about sharing them, do you fancy seeing a bit of that?

I'd like to start setting myself challenges in different areas like budgeting, lifestyle and fashion so that I can record my progress and learn useful lessons to pass on to you guys. You like?

I'm currently working on a bit of a Charade redesign to incorporate an improved header, a links page, a categories page for easier navigation and an 'about the blogger' page so that maybe you'll feel you know me a little better. Good idea? Or too much all at once?

Please help me out in your comments; you really have no idea how much I value your opinions. I want to make Charade a place where you'll all love to come and hang out, and where you can always be sure to find useful and inspiring content.

Thanks again for voting in the poll too! It's being particularly enlightening.


Helen said...

I say thumbs up to daily outfits and more photos! I have a nikon d40 too, I love it. I got a new lens for it for christmas which I highly recommend, a 50mm 1.8f nikkor lens. Fab. Happy new year!

Claire said...

I like your blog already, but I would like to see your photos/daily outfits!!!

Happy New Year!! Hope it'll be a fabulous one. xx

sara said...

all of the ideas are perfect! i would love to see more photos and daily outfits.
wishing you a wonderful 2009! happy new year xx

Jackie said...

I think all your ideas are superb! I'm especially interested in the daily outfits and the challenges in budgeting/lifestyle/fashion.

I have a Nikon D40 too! It's one of the loves of my life <3

Harriet said...

Hi, been lurking for a while now, and wanted to come out of the woodwork and say how much I enjoy reading it! So thanks!

I'd love to see daily outfits, as I've recently started taking them, and thus am obsessively scowering other peoples for ideas/inspiration!

ahhhliss said...

One of my friends told me he'd made some resolutions, but he said that they were secret- so no-one would know if he'd broken them. Good plan!
You can read mine on my blog! x

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