Thursday, 15 January 2009

Student Portraits

Who? Selina of Flying Saucer

Where do you study? University of Manchester

Where are you from? Have you travelled far to study? If yes, what made you choose to do so? If not, why not? I’m from Birmingham, it’s about an hour and a half south on the train so it’s not too bad! I wanted to go to a uni with a town as big as Birmingham, and Manchester seemed like a great rival. I wanted to experience life in another city where I didn’t already know anyone, and so there would be lots of fresh discoveries to be made!

What made you choose the path of higher education?
It felt like nowadays you have to have a degree to get your foot on the career ladder and it seemed a natural progression from a-levels. But I’ve found the life skills you learn are the most worthwhile, and its lots of fun being a student!

What do you love most about the course you study?
I do Management and Marketing of Textiles so I like the way most modules are geared towards the retail industry. I like how, rather than learning something set in stone, everything is very current and adaptable, and there is a wide variety of subjects. I wouldn’t say I loved management, but I love going on the journey to get to where I want to be.

What do you love most about the place where you study? There’s a huge student population, it seems like the city is dedicated to students! There are SO many clubs, it’s unbelievable! There are buses that run throughout the night so you never have to get taxis, and bus passes are very cheap. Also now the libraries are open 24hrs during revision time!

What would you change about your higher education experience?
If I could, I would make all lectures start after 2pm and have little beds so you can have a nap if you had a hard night before! In terms of my course, it would be nicer to have maybe more engaging lecturers who don’t rely on the powerpoint overhead. For the whole experience, I would possibly do more studying haha! Also I would never have got such a huge overdraft. Getting the Natwest railcard is marvy but the overdraft that comes with it is lethal!

What are your main interests outside studying? Do they tie in with your future career?
I love fashion of course! I have my blog and a few other things that are on the back of it, which *crossed fingers* will tie in with a dream future career. I don’t think partying and clubbing will count!

What are your aspirations after University? Again, I’m crossing my fingers to get onto a study abroad scheme in September, but if I don’t get onto that then I’d love to travel around all the ‘street style cities’. I 100% aspire to work in the fashion industry. Many of the girls on my course want to be buyers (in fact everyone I’ve ever spoke to!) but I’d love to work in fashion rather than retail, and something nestled in the web would be fab!

Do you have any favourite student websites or blogs?I have an absolute stack of favourite blogs, most of which are by students or graduates so I’d never have the time to name them all! I do check Student Beans a lot for deals.

What would your three top tips be for a fabulous lifestyle on a student budget?

1. Don’t get an overdraft! Don’t do it!!! It’s very tempting to walk around thinking ‘right, I’m a student, I can’t buy anything!!’ but it makes you want to buy more! Allow yourself money for some treats, we all need them! Don’t forget you do have to stop yourself from buying things once in a while though, not just buy them and then feel guilty.

2. Writing down every single thing you buy each week helps you notice and cut out silly spends like food on the go, when you could make something at home for cheaper. But sometimes it’s turns out to be a false economy when you make things from scratch, such as lasagne. If you see deals in the freezer isle, it’s OK to stock up on the healthier meals! Being vegetarian is cheaper too!

3. Be inventive! Charity shops, vintage shops, dressing up shops, vodka jelly, it’s all good!

Thanks Selina! Remember guys, if you run a cute student blog and fancy a portrait then get in touch:

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Aimee Marie said...

Oh, I had no idea you had this little student series! Very nice. & I'd totally do it if I was a student, haha. Selina's blog is one of those that I've seen linked everywhere but I've never actually read, so I'm gonna have a snoop at that now-- thanks! :)

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