Tuesday, 28 April 2009

Dream Style: Getting Organized

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This post is part of The Dream Style Series.

Fashion and personal style are fluid; our continual shopping and hoarding habits mean our wardrobes see a constant influx of new clothing and accessories and, if we’re not careful, the weight of this influx can cause our closets to become stagnant and cluttered. However much space we have, we need to put into action a few simple devices to keep our wardrobes working for us. Think about it; is your wardrobe really functioning for you in its current state?

Fact: The better organized your wardrobe; the better organized your style.

Ultimately, your wardrobe is going to be as different as you are, and just like I can't tell you how to dress to achieve your dream style, I can't tell you how to organize your closet explicitly. Hopefully though, I can encourage you to get organized, in your own special way, once and for all.

The Major Plus-Points of an Organized Closet
With a fully functioning wardrobe, getting dressed in the morning becomes utterly seamless and totally blissful. Nobody wants to spend forty minutes every morning hunting through all their clothes for that one perfect item and, equally, nobody wants to spend half an hour at the end of the day trying to squeeze said item back in. Having everything in view and easily accessible is pure luxury and it’s one of the main factors in supporting lasting dream style.

What your wardrobe looks like is, after all, what you look like; the colors, the styles, the patterns, the level of neatness or disarray. If something about your wardrobe doesn't look like you – you should take it out. This is an incredibly simple yet highly effective way to achieve dream style because, unlike your own mirror appearance, your wardrobe can be judged subjectively. Look at Nubby Twiglet’s wardrobe; it’s 100% her.

Now, when it comes to serious wardrobe organization, space is desirable, but with a few simple tips and tricks, it needn't be essential. (If you have half your wardrobe packed at any one time like I have already suggested then this kind of extreme organization is made much easier.)

Image thanks to nikkinoguer

Flawless Folding, Cubby Control and Heavenly Hanging

♥ For me, folding is a bazillion times less efficient than hanging, but I know adequate hanging space is not always available. Drawers and cubbies work best for your basics and extras; easy to stack t-shirts, sweaters and jeans that don’t quite hold the grandeur of your hangables, alongside storable shoes and bags.

♥ If you're storing in a reach-in drawer then keep your folded items to one layer, otherwise Mess. Will. Ensue. There is no doubt about it. I speak from personal experience. Two layers MAX if this is completely impractical for you.

♥ If it's a cubby you're utilizing then instead have all stacks in view, otherwise, guess what? Mess will ensue. It's pure common sense to have all your clothes in view.

♥ There's always the option of rolling if folding is not your thing and that way you can see more items at once, just always make sure to arrange everything as neatly as possible in the first instance then it’s much more likely to stay that way.

♥ When it comes to hanging, not only do your clothes need breathing room but, again, you want to be able to see them! Hang as much as you can without overcrowding and start collecting wooden hangers as, although they can be more expensive, they are far better for maintaining your clothes than plastic or wire hangers.

Space Savers or What to Do if There is No Space to Save

If you absolutely do not have a positive space-to-possession ratio, and all these tips are making you fume with rage at my ignorance, here are some alternative ideas to help you deal with an overstuffed wardrobe:

♥ Photograph yourself in different outfit combinations and arrange on the inside doors of your closet. Or, take inventory; if you’re not able to see a key item, at least remind yourself that it's there with a written list.

♥ Then… color code! That way you can start with one key item and you won't even need to touch certain areas of your wardrobe, let alone make a mess of them, because you'll know where to look for matching items. Alternatively, arrange like with like - skirts with skirts, shirts with shirts, again making finding what you need that little bit easier.

♥ Segment your wardrobe wherever possible. Buy some hanging cubbies, insert makeshift drawer dividers and box up your shoes; it’s the only answer to a curelessly cluttered wardrobe.

Opt for the method that suits your clothing collection best or give both a go!

There’s so much more to wardrobe organization than I could possibly cover in this post, so if you are after a little more then I’d suggest Shop Your Closet as a more in-depth guide to wardrobe organization which you can buy in my Amazon affiliate store and which I might just review in the near future.

So, Charadettes, how organized is your wardrobe? How organized would you like it to be?


Leia said...

There are some hangers you can get (I think at IKEA) that allow you hang 4-5 items on one hanger. If you have a hanging-only closet this is immensely useful because you can hang up so much more!

Eternal*Voyageur said...

I love Ikea wardrobes, they make it so easy to store clothes and stuff !

Any advice on how to store handbags ? Mine are in a pile upon a shelf, and are getting on my nerves... especially because they are so floppy when empty, and won't stand straight !

Voila Megan said...

Leia - Good advice, as long as you can still see all the items and don't have to pick them off one by one to get underneath... That would make life a bit tricky!

Eternal*Voyageur - To organise the bags on your shelf you could try stuffing them with some acid-free tissue paper? Also, what about adding some hooks on the inside doors of your wardrobe or on the back of your bedroom door for additional hanging space? Hope that helps!

cassie said...

Mine's not organised at all! Great tips :)

Sherin said...

Great post. At the moment. my wardrobe clothes aren't even closing. I need to spend a good full day organising it and throwing away loads!

Eternal*Voyageur said...

Voile Megan, stuffing them is a good idea ! My closet doesn't have doors, just curtains. But I could get come hooks on the sides...

Vintage Angel said...

I tidy my wardrobes every month... and if I want to buy something I do a mental inventory to see if I have something similar that needs to go.

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