Wednesday, 29 April 2009

Dream Style: Hair and Makeup

Images thanks to the tony santos and sidewalk flying

This post is part of The Dream Style Series.

So, you’ve got the inspiration, got the clothes, got the fully functioning wardrobe, but something about your look still isn’t quite right; it’s not being pulled together somehow. This, my friends, is where dream style reaches its pinnacle. Let’s face it, some days your clothes just aren’t going to do it for you, or you’ll have to (heaven forbid) wear a uniform – what about your dream style then? Is it just going to evaporate into thin air? I can tell you it’s all too liable never to return if it does.

The way I see it, there are three things you will always be showing off each day – your body shape, your face, and your hair; so surely this is where the most of our dream style energies should go? Body shape is another article for another day; today we're all about hair and makeup. This is where our main style signatures are to be found and you’ll be pleased to hear it only takes a few simple steps to make a whole lotta’ difference.

Hallelujah Hairstyles

Whether you’re low maintenance or a regular 1940’s diva, you need a haircut that will suit your needs. There’s no point kidding yourself into a spectacularly coiffed, layered do, if you never find the time to blow dry it again after the first week and it hangs about your face like a tired old mop. That said, you should really start to make the effort with your hairstyling tendencies; a great cut and an extra ten minutes each morning can have you looking so pulled-together perfect that clothing will seem a breeze. Once you get the perfect hairdo, I swear to you, it will genuinely be a hallelujah moment in your dream style journey.

A lot of girls I know have had a succession of bad haircuts and as a result have just ‘made-do’ with their do; these are the same women who refuse to pay anything above the base charge at their local community hairdressers because they’re afraid they’ll end up paying for something they don’t like. News flash: you’re already doing that. You should really only need two haircuts a year if it’s done right and you haven’t got particularly damaged hair, so bite the bullet and pay more at a classier salon. Be honest to yourself about your face-shape and what you know will suit you and have a good, confident chat with your stylist before hand. You won't be disappointed.

Image thanks to digital sophia

Unarranged tresses are, I think, one of the main downfalls of us girls today when it comes to dream style. Somewhere along the line a Kate Moss type made it Ok, fashionable even, to have our hair all swinging loose, and of course we all jumped on board before you could say ‘bye, bye hairspray.’ There’s nothing so wrong with that, more power to you if it’s part of your look, but on the whole, I think it’s stopped being any kind of statement and is now mostly just a bit lazy… I’ll admit I’m terrible for it! And really, with the introduction of a few good habits, there’s no excuse when you see what you can achieve.

Quick Tips:

♥ Signature, statement hair accessories like hats, headbands, bows, pins and clips can make styling your hair simpler whilst becoming staple factors in your dream style day-to-day existence.

♥ Aside from that, you could conjure a signature, or collection of signature dos: plaits, plain ponytails, pigtails, a vintage beehive, angular fringe, or side-shaved ala Alice Dellal.

♥ There are tonnes of how-to hair tutorial videos online like these to get you inspired and provide a starting point. Once you feel comfortable with a few simple styles, you’ll find yourself far more comfortable experimenting.

♥ Finding that perfect style might be one thing, but getting it to stay is a whole different matter. Whilst hair is damp after washing, comb through a generous amount of styling mousse and blow-dry, this will make hair feel thicker and more manageable. Cheap bobby pins won’t last, so try sourcing a brand or asking your hairdresser – they’ll make all the difference with tricky styles. And finally, don’t fear the hairspray! If you hold the can at a sufficient distance whilst spraying it will set your do without that ‘crispy’ effect.

♥ If you’re undertaking a whole lot of extra styling then make sure to deep condition regularly and invest in a great hairbrush, I like Mason Pearson (pricey but bliss to use on even the worst tangles and it will last years.)

Magic Makeup

Most girls are a little bit afraid of makeup, I know I can be. Not really sure what to do to achieve certain looks, nervous of experimenting, stuck in a routine; it’s all bad news. I think a lot of us fail to see makeup beyond a cover-up, which can account for these nerves and why the act of wearing makeup can often be so harshly judged, particularly if you’re thought to be wearing ‘too much.’

Image thanks to notsogoodphotography

Let’s get this straight: makeup is not a cover up, it’s an enhancement. No one would judge you for wearing a skirt that was nipped at the waist, would they? Well, makeup is just the same; it takes your best features – coincidentally found on your face! And enhances them to their full potential. You don’t have to be an artistic whiz kid or a well-practiced specialist so stop telling yourself you’ll get good one day when you've got the money for a fancy-shmancy makeup course. Start now, learn as you go and just have fun.

Quick Tips:

♥ Got an overstuffed, out of date, grubby, vast collection of make up? That’s akin to a cluttered wardrobe and will only hinder your dream style mission. Take the time to clear out and clear up.

♥ It only takes the effort to learn a few simple tricks to make a huge difference. Focus on one thing at a time; perfect foundation, perfect eyeliner, perfect lipstick etc. Again, youtube is a goldmine.

♥ Bold signatures can be anything from perfectly defined lashes ala Keiko Lynn, a little glitter, or a certain shade of lipstick. Work with your colour palette.

♥ Above all, you don’t have to be extravagant with your makeup as I showed with my 20 Cheap Tips for Your Makeup Bag. It’s about trial and error, a little risk, and a lot of fun.

Do you already have any hair or makeup signatures? How important do you think they are to dream style?


Leia said...

Great article as usual!

My hair is quite long and has a wave/curl. If I take an extra few minutes after my shower to dab in a tiny bit of almond oil and aloe vera gel, it keeps my hair soft and keeps the frizzies at bay. Also, don't wash your hair every day, unless you are using lots of products - it can really dry your hair out.

As for make-up, we should all take advantage of people who work at department stores. They are really willing to help - they try products out on your face and show you how to use them, and I've discovered so many lovely things this way! My favorite brands are Benefit and Stila.

Mrs. Priss said...

I am really loving this series you have going on.

With the start of my new etsy shop (hair accessories), I'm really seeing how much fun it can be to amp up my hair styles a little more. It's amazing how much a little flower in your hair will make you look more gussied up. :)

As far as makeup goes, I've always been the experimental type. I watch youtube videos (as you suggested) like nobody's business. My downfall is that I don't really have a signature makeup look. I'd love to do the pinup thing every single day, with the red lips and winged eyeliner, but it doesn't necessarily go with my clothing style. It's tough!

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