Tuesday, 14 April 2009

Dream Style: The Wonders of Ebay

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This post is part of The Dream Style Series.

Ebay, in fashion terms, is a veritable goldmine. I myself have had a mutually beneficial relationship with the auctioning site for years, both buying and selling, but where does ebay fit into the Dream Style concept?

In the pursuit of dream style, we want ebay to do two things for us: 1. Find us specifically the items that will define and support our style mission without us having to trawl the distracting pages of an online fashion store or trek a busy high street, and 2. Help us rid ourselves of our style setbacks for (hopefully) a pretty penny.

Top Tips for Buying Fashion Items on Ebay:

Do…think of potential resale value. If you’re buying a used item at a fair price, is there potential to reap the full value back, or even increase it? If you keep an item in good condition and provide a superior description, this shouldn't be difficult, opening the door to all kinds of wonderful fashion experimentation without declaring war on your wallet.

Don’t… be afraid to ‘snipe.’ In other words, bid at the last minute to avoid a costly war that will up the price, thereby securing the item as cheaply as possible. Find out more here.

Do… be specific. Ebay is the place to shop for one-of-a-kind, eccentric items not to be found by any other medium; to capture the exact item you’ve conjured in your minds eye. Vague window shopping on ebay is a dangerous activity, only to be undertaken by the particularly strong of will! The bargains may be tempting, but don't let them cloud your dream style.

Don’t… get duped. There is a whole heap of fraud that goes on via ebay; don’t fall victim to it. Read these tips to avoid fraud.

Do… check items for sale from other countries. You’ll often find what you’re looking for if you do, but always check the shipping costs first and consider customs charges.

Top Tips for Selling Fashion Items on Ebay:

Do…include as many pictures as possible. If you’re not willing to pay the fees for extra snaps then clearly state that you are willing to email additional images and have them ready to send upon request.

Don’t…lie. The negative feedback is just not worth it. Instead, explain any fault and include a picture – your honesty will let the buyer know they’re in good hands and encourage them to bid if they love the item regardless.

Do…tap into key trends. Include a picture of a celebrity idol such as Kate Moss or an Olsen twin wearing something similar to get your potential purchaser excited about bidding.

Don’t… delay replying to potential buyers' questions. A prompt reply will signal that you are a serious seller and encourage earlier bidding.

Do… your research. Look up items similar to yours; see how they’re described, the shipping costs, the condition, what they’re selling for etc. to give you an idea of your competition.

If you’re an ebay virgin, there's no need to be afraid! With a little dedication ebay can be a wonderful tool, and is surprisingly simple once you get the hang of it. Get more information on setting yourself up on ebay here.

What are your top tips for ebay-ing? Let’s help each other out!

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Eternal*Voyageur said...

Oh yes, buying from Ebay of other countries can be great !

My tip would be: Even if the shipping rates are stated, always ask for cheaper shipping rates: that is usually surface mail.
I let the seller know that I am aware that it takes longer and I won't leave negative feedback for that. I saved a lot of money that way ! On the other hand a lot of sellers will only ship by signed-for, and that often costs more than the item itself !

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