Wednesday, 6 May 2009

Aesthetic Affirmations

Image thanks to tony santos

Recently, I was inspired by the ever-prolific Gala Darling in her post titled Spring Fever. In the post (discussing spring fashion trends) she focused her style into a list of recognisable hot points, namely: “big, ridiculous shoes, oversized cardigans, candy-coloured hair & a cornucopia of sparkly accoutrements.” Gala called them her “usual trademarks” and plans to supplement them with the seasons “yummy trends”.

It got me thinking; couldn’t we all do with clearly outlining our style statement in this way? Wouldn’t it be a wicked hot tool in our aspiring to achieve ‘Dream Style’? And what if it went further than just a list of trademarks or signatures, what if we could construct our own aesthetic affirmation to bat away the media mishmash and allow, as Gala would say, only the very yummiest trends, those that fit with our existing style statement, to filter through?

Think about it, you can create all the mood boards you like, but who’s got their mood board on them for that after work stint to the sales? Wouldn’t a sentence or two to sum up your overall aesthetic be like a licence to live stylishly? A few words that could hit your proverbial style nail on its head; a north star to look to when you’re losing your marbles shopping; a mantra to live by ensuring you’ll never stray from your true style path again!

I thought I'd try it out, here's my current draft:

What will yours say about you?

Are you a shimmering social butterfly with vintage tendencies, cropped platinum hair and a nose ring? Never without your burgundy purse and fingerless black lace gloves?

Maybe you’re an aspiring ballerina, always with a chic bun; perfectly highlighted cheek bones; a penchant for beige, belted trench coats and patent leather court shoes teamed with pastel cashmere and faux-pearls.

Like the sound of it? Want to join in? It’s simple; describe your aesthetic in around twenty five words so that when you’re shopping, getting dressed in the morning or planning an outfit you at last have a mantra to work from.

Then, either leave your offering in the comments section or go all- out and adopt the badge, post it to your blog / website / myspace page and let the world know you’re on a style mission! (Just copy the code in the scroll box and post it to your chosen platform.)

It'll only take a few minutes to conjure your poetic style profile, and taddah! You’ll never be found floundering under the weight of your fashion influences again. You could even ask your friends or blog readers to join in and we’ll have an army of fashionistas with a secret style vocabulary all their own.

If you’re stuck for self-analysis, ask someone! How do they see your style? You might be surprised to find that you’ve been giving out your dream style message all along.

Good luck! I'm excited to see what you all come up with...


Foxie said...

That's such a great idea, I have to join in now... :) Let's see...

Chic casual, preppy and laid-back but put-together... A fabulously dressed, obvious car girl.

Wait, is that even possible?! I'm sure trying... Many of my car clothes aren't very fabulous, so maybe I should focus on accessories and things other than shirts. Hey, it's a start, right? (Thanks for making me think about that! I need to track down some nice accessories and things now... :P)

Anonymous said...

I love this post. It put me to think and inspired me.

Beth said...

Flirty, feminine and fun, with a very slight "arts student" air... long hair, bright colours, vintage scarves, short skirts, floral dresses and the omnipresent impish grin that is her best feature.

I quite like that!

Midge. said...

90s Oxford!

Kristen said...

Minimalist librarian chic meets '70s stoner: muted colors and clean lines, tailored silhouette, piles of vintage jewelry, goofy t-shirts and knit caps.

cassie said...

I'm kinda working towards what Beth said above! But with a mix of handmade, altered and thrifted.

"A colourful mix of handmade, thrifted and altered pieces that say flirty, feminine and fun - cut to fit, fashionable but with quirky details you'll only notice up close"

That took me ages to word and I'm still not sure... I like to have interesting clothes but I'm not one of those people who wants to look so interesting that everyone in the street stares - it freaks me out!

Lars Magnus said...

What a great exercise! This really got me thinking. I have an idea of what I want my style to be but it was a good idea writing it down in such a condensed way. I based my style vision on what I wear on those days I feel my outfit gives me confidence and sends the message of who I am and who I want to be.

Here we go:

Classy rock'n roll; basics accessorized to give a raw edge. Laid back with pops of colour and interesting accessories; cool or fun watches, earrings and shoes.

Voila Megan said...

Super efforts guys! I love them all! ♥

Sugarpumpkin said...

I spread the word! ;)

It was not so easy to put the blurry image of my style in my head down in words but I tried. I exceeded the limit and my english is pretty awkward, it just doesn't sound so poetic but still:

simple yet sophisticated, flowing fabrics, black is the new black (sometimes with a dash of color),classic accessories versus statement pieces, high quality is the real deal,
black. blue. grey. beige. powder. white.

ally-doo-lally said...

here goes nothing.... Pale skin with rosy lips and cheeks - bold, colourful patterns or prints. A quirkiness that can't be measured toned down by blue jeans and accented here and there with chunky eclectic silver jewellery.

McCall said...

brilliant idea!! this is such a great inspiring post!!

much love, mccall

Claire said...

Oh this is hard, because I change what I wear (style wise!) quite a lot.

Monochrome works with the red hair as the focus. The anti-hippy despite the hair (it'd be too typical to go down that route!). Short skirts, short shorts, no fear of heels despite the height and the legs. Regularly rocker. More focus on clothes than accessories.

Kae said...

This is very late, but I've only recently begun defining my style.

Skinny jeans and cardigans, emphasis on the shoes (Low Chuck Taylors and flats in a variety of colors). Grey scale with pops of teal, purple, and fuschia. Deep love for a well-made bag. A little edgy and a little romantic. Pale skin and blue eyes contrasting with deep brunette hair. Long eyelashes and thin liquid liner with just a light swipe of blush. Laughter as a constant accessory.

gaby said...

modern basics tees/jeans/leggings/ mixed with vintage (60's-90's A-line mini skirts, mod blazers, secretary blouses, plaid baby-dolls, ethnic paisley prints...) of course it will all go with boots!

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