Friday, 15 May 2009

Etsy Favourites

I love I'm Your Present, but I'm concerned that it is almost too cute. I'm already in danger of slipping past the point of no return in doll-like fashion and accessorizing, so I think that any purchases made here might fuel an already raging fire. What do you reckon?

These headbands from Foliage are just the bomb (and I'm not often inclined to use gangster-esq exclamatory phrases.) I will be snapping one up very soonish.

If SarahSeven wasn't so gosh-darned out of my price range right now, I would buy her out, I literally would.

And finally, I just have to include Pink Sugar Ninja for the store name and this ridiculous brooch alone!

Do you currently have a swoon-worthy etsy obsession?


Leia said...

Those look like great picks - am off to check them out now!

Kirsty said...

awh i love all this bow inspired accessories and clothing!

mysterycreature said...

I have a million etsy obsessions (mainly vintage jewellery... even though I dn't wear much jewellery. Mad, I know!). Love the really pink and cute "I'm your present" stuff, but see how if your not careful it could tip over into too cutsey. Not if you're careful though!

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