Tuesday, 30 June 2009

Top 10 Essential Budget Beauty Buys

Just a few of my tried and tested tips for keeping a fabulous beauty regime on a budget that show you don’t need to splash out to stay stunning. Add your own in the comments section if I’ve missed it out.

Note: I'm not sponsored by any of these products, they're just genuinely ones that I like to use!

1. A Natural Bristle Brush. What’s one sure-fire way to dry out and wreck your hair? Washing it everyday. Your head produces natural oils to keep your hair shiny and manageable and if you’re regularly stripping this off, you’re not doing your locks any favours. We’ve nearly all suffered the greasy roots/dry-ends fiasco, but regularly brushing with a natural bristle brush spreads the oils so all of your hair benefits. I’ll always recommend Mason Pearson.

2. Dry Shampoo. If you’re struggling to avoid daily washing because of limp, greasy hair, this is the answer to your prayers! I’ve tried chemist’s own brands but they have always been championed by Batiste. Just a few sprays, rub it in, et voila, seemingly clean hair!

3. A Daily SPF Moisturiser. The best way to keep fresh-faced and youthful looking is to protect yourself from the sun, everyday, even when it’s overcast. The easiest way to do this is to make your daily moisturiser a minimum of SPF 15. Be careful, though, as these creams can often be very rich and if you have combination skin that’s a problem. Creams that say ‘non-comedogenic’ shouldn’t block pores.

4. Carmex. The king of the lip balms in my opinion, although you’re obviously free to disagree! Soft, kissable lips are always in fashion and Carmex is a velvety maintenance option that isn’t sticky. You can now get it in cherry flavour too! (Go on, kiss a girl and like it.)

5. Baby Wipes. As good as any extortionate make-up removing wipes, and often more sensitive on the skin, these are the ultimate budget-busting beauty buy. I use them to remove all kinds of make-up, clean my brushes and any spills, and freshen-up on a hot day.

6. Tea Tree Oil. This is magic stuff; commonly used in skin care products aimed at oily/combination skin, it’s a powerful antiseptic. Studies have shown it to significantly reduce symptoms of acne, athlete’s foot, and dandruff and, in some cases, even be as useful as conventional medicine. Find out more here. It can be applied neat to the skin, but if you’re worried about inflammation then a few drops in a fragrance-free cream will also work wonders.

7. Noxema Original Deep Cleansing Cream. Unfortunately, this isn’t easy to get hold off, and thus I’m currently out. Its worth it’s weight in gold however, as it genuinely fulfils its promises where many other products fail; fresh, clean, tingly skin and no tightness or dryness. It’s always been reasonably priced too.

8. Cocoa Butter. A favourite for deeply moisturising and toning the skin; use it daily on the whole body to see visible improvements to dryness and light-scarring. I like Palmer's both for the price, pleasure of use (it’s sinks in super quickly) and long-term effectiveness.

9. Scrub Gloves. Ready when you are and a cheaper alternative to constantly buying expensive scrub creams; always use long sweeping strokes centred towards your heart. Regular use can improve bloating and cellulite as the scrubbing action helps to stimulate the lymphatic drainage system.

10. Water. Ok, so technically not a beauty buy, its free! If you need proof of the beauty powers of the wet stuff, not so long ago I stayed up late at home with friends who were drinking alcohol, I wasn’t in the mood but didn’t want to be without a glass and absent-mindedly ended up drinking about three pints of water. The next morning my skin was noticeably clearer and plumper. I was finally sold. I know it can be tricky to remember, but your tap really does hold the key to skin you’ve always dreamed of! As well as a host of other beauty and health benefits.

Do you have a beauty buy you’ve come to rely on?

Monday, 29 June 2009

Words to Live By #45

Image thanks to aDayWithMarina

“Is life not a thousand times too short for us to bore ourselves?”
Friedrich Nietzsche

Sunday, 28 June 2009

ECBC Vintage Inspired Peacock Feather Fascinator Giveaway: The Results

I can't believe it's been a week already! Thanks to all you twittery-lot that entered this competition, I really appreciate you letting your own loyal followers know about Charade.

The winner is:

Comment number 2, Sherin! Well done lady! Sherin is a regular participant here at Charade and a truly sweet character, so I'm really pleased she won. Email me with details for posting, Sherin, and I shall pass them along to ECBC quick sharp.And for those of you that weren't lucky enough to bag the prize, I can reveal that it's now possible to get a whopping 20% off at Eye Candy Buy Candy just by using the code 'CHARADE'. Gee whizzer. Big thanks to them!

Now I'm going to have a bubble bath, watch Strictly Ballroom for maybe the 5th time in my life, and slip dreamily off to bed... Did I mention I love life in the countryside?

Saturday, 27 June 2009

The Saturday Salute 27.06.09

Mwah! thanks to nyki m

Now then, let us see what we have this week...

Some interesting posts just recently from Zen Habits including Why Motivation Doesn't Really Matter and All the Advice on Happiness You'll Ever Need.

A first look as Tim Burton Takes Alice to a Weird, Wild Wonderland.

I've been tempted this week by some of the gorgeously romantic garb from Pinky Pinky on etsy, including this ruffle dress. Their prices are particularly reasonable might I add.

And Betty Confidential has 55 Simple Summer Pleasures. Number one and number fifty two are my favourite, and kind of go together... wink wink.

Friday, 26 June 2009

Diary of a Wheat-Free Student

Image thanks to Mr Bologna

This is a guest post by Claire, a student blogger at
The View From Here who is also an avid foodie, with almost as many recipe blogs on her googlereader as fashion ones! Becoming wheat-intolerant last year forced her to change the way she baked - a huge part of her life!

When Megan put out a shout for foodie articles, I thought it was time to step up to the plate. I’ve been wheat-intolerant for about a year, which is long enough that I’ve learnt how to deal with it without it affecting my life too much, but short enough that I remember what it was like in the beginning.

Is Wheat-Free Living for You?

My first bit of advice is only to try a wheat-free month if you’re experiencing symptoms like bloating, nausea, stomach cramps, extreme tiredness etc. Seriously, going wheat-free is such a hassle, particularly at first, that it’s not worth avoiding it completely unless you really have to. That said, intolerance's are impossible to diagnose, and it’s based on gut feeling. Cutting wheat out for a month may reduce your symptoms, or you might find it’s something else.

If you do find it helps, that’s great – but it might be worth going back onto the wheat and then going to see your Doctor for blood tests to see if you have coeliac disease. I didn’t, but it’s a gluten allergy, and is much more dangerous.

If you don’t find it affects you, then get back onto it! Please don’t stay off the wheat for weight loss or because it’s the cool thing to do or celebrities are doing it – this is becoming more common and it’s really silly! It’s really annoying to get those looks in restaurants when you’ve asked for a wheat-free option, as they just assume you’re part of the Heat magazine generation (I know, this probably won’t apply to most of you, it’s just something I needed to get off my chest!)

Secondly, wheat is in everything. Most processed foods have it in – for me, the surprise was finding it even in “Finest” burgers and sausages. And Pringles and couscous, more surprisingly.

Day-To-Day Eating

Being wheat-free is easiest when you’re preparing your own food. For me, the hardest part was cutting out pasta (although I discovered I liked rice pasta, I don’t really use it that often). Since I was preparing all of my meals from scratch, it wasn’t hard to avoid bread or flour. If you find that you eat a lot of ready-made meals, you’re going to have to change that!

Shopping will be difficult at first. You will have to check the labels on a lot of items! Some things don’t have gluten but do have wheat (it’s a method of processing or something), and I still react to it (Pringles being the example that springs to mind). Obviously some things don’t contain wheat, like fruit, vegetables and unprocessed meat and fish, but check EVERYTHING else. I still get caught out – M&S baking powder has wheat flour in, even though Dr. Oetker’s doesn’t.

Eating Out

More complicated is eating out. Most places don’t know much about eating wheat-free. I usually just say gluten-free, as it’s easier. It’s best to tell the person when making a reservation, and they can advise you on what best to do. Brasserie Blanc, for example, has a special gluten-free menu that they will bring to you.

Things to watch out for:

Italian. Obviously no pasta or pizza (or even the salad – croutons!)

Chinese. Most dishes have soy sauce, most varieties of which contain wheat (look out for Tamari, it’s one without) also, check what the noodles are made from.

British traditional fare. Gravy is often thickened with flour.

Indian and Thai tend to be okay.

Eating at friend’s houses can also be a cause for concern – it feels awful, you’ll feel horribly picky and self-conscious and paranoid, but, ultimately, it’s your health. My friends know that I’m wheat intolerant and ask me if I can eat specific things.

Image thanks to evil erin


I love baking. It’s what I do to relax!! So not being able to use wheat flour if I want to eat what I make was a big problem. Some recipes are obviously wheat-free, like flapjack or flourless chocolate cake! Others can be converted by using a different type of flour. I learnt that there are many types of flour and that the best results are gained by mixing flours, such as sorghum, rice, millet, cornmeal, buckwheat, coconut… Although these can be expensive, I’d advise looking in Asian supermarkets.

Not all recipes convert easily. I’ve not tried to make bread yet, because it relies so much on the gluten in wheat. Also, the only sponge I made was with Dove’s Farm wheat-free self-raising blend. It was good, but the flour mix is expensive. Generally, the recipes which convert best are those which involve lower proportions of flour and no “rising” when cooking. Brownie converts really well! Xanthan gum is weird but add a teaspoon to the flour mix and whisk well and it helps to “stick” cake and biscuit mixes together.

I’m no expert in wheat-free baking, but the Internet is an absolute Godsend and a few sites which I’ve found really helpful are:

Karina’s Kitchen. She has several FAQ pages for those who’ve just started being gluten free!

Ginger Lemon Girl

Gluten Free Girl

If you’re a baker, you will have to accept that not every recipe will work, and that trial and error is a big part of it. I regularly have to process my cake failures, giving me cake crumbs which I freeze and make into cheesecake, but trial and error is the way we learn and it’s still fun.


In general, I would only recommend going totally wheat-free if you really have to – for me, I can tell if there’s wheat in something, even if it’s only small amounts. You might be different and either, not benefit at all, or benefit from just cutting out some wheat from your daily menu (e.g. don’t have shredded wheat for breakfast, a sandwich for lunch and pasta for dinner!). We’re all different when it comes to diet, but I hope that this article raises more awareness about wheat-intolerance.

A note from Megan - Thanks so much for this Claire, really insightful and useful, first-hand advice! If anyone else has something to share on the topic of diet, health and fitness, we'd really love to hear about it! Get in touch: mycharade@hotmail.com

Thursday, 25 June 2009

In the Country...

...We wake up late.

shabby chic quilt @ Charade
...We stop to smell the flowers.

pink rose @ Charade
...We know where the birds hide.

traditional bird house @ Charade
...We eat breakfast in the sunshine.

Strawberries @ Charade
...We read books we've been meaning to read.

Defy the Wilderness @ Charade
...We swim in the sea.

Welsh Coast @ Charade
Hope you've made a fabulous start to your summer!

Monday, 22 June 2009

Words to Live By #44

Image thanks to april

“Magic is believing in yourself, if you can do that, you can make anything happen.”
Johann Wolfgang von Goethe

Sunday, 21 June 2009

ECBC Vintage Inspired Peacock Fascinator Giveaway!

Ok, I'm definitely bitten by the jealously bug over this one. The friendly chaps from Eye Candy Buy Candy are most generously offering one of YOU lovely ladies the chance to get your mitts on the accessory to end all accessories - a vintage inspired peacock feather fascinator! Excuse me whilst I apply excessive red lipstick and dance the Charleston.
This little baby, measuring 5" with a perfect gold button to finish, would set you back $25 if you were to buy it over at the site, but oh no, not today. Today you have every chance of it arriving free to your door, to add a forties flair to any outfit you choose! Amazing!

So, how do you enter? Seeing as it is a feather... And feathers are the mark of birds... And birds tweet (man, this is tenuous) I'm running a Twitter competition!

All you have to do is tweet about the competition using the 'Tell a Friend' link at the very bottom of this post (it will drop into a menu when you hover over it and you can click the little blue 't'.) Then leave a link in the comments section of this post showing off said tweet. Simple. Oh, and if you haven't yet, you'd better add me @VoilaMegan or else I might not be able to see it.

So, to clarify, you should tweet a link to the competition, and then leave a comment below that looks something like this:

@(Your Twitter Name)

www.twitter.com/(Your Twitter Name)

So that I can then follow the link to see that you've done it! I will pick the winner from the links on this post, so don't tweet and forget to let me know here, or else you won't be entered! The competition will run for a whole week and I will announce the lucky winner, who will be chosen via a random number generator, next Sunday. Good luck little birdies! And thanks for helping to spread the word of my humble blog.

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The Saturday Salute 20.06.09

Image thanks to meerbabykat

Things are a little slow around here just now. I've relocated to my parents' place in Wales and am feeling a distinct lack of motivation. Hopefully, if the sun comes out, I'll get out in the garden for some magical eclectic aesthetic shots this coming week... Other than that, I have two competitions lined up for the near future, so be alert!

Hello linkage:

I'm hoping to bag a new laptop soon (mine is too big and not very clever.) Did you know Colour Ware will do you a Macbook in any colour of the rainbow? And, if that's out of your price-range, Velvet Pink on etsy will tuck your not-so-pretty piece of hardware up in one of these. Startlingly cute.

If that doesn't hit your cuteometer hard enough, Paper and String will finish you off.

Spilled Milk Magazine is deserving of a mention for aesthetic value alone, as is College Mogul if you're entrepreneurial in spirit.

And The Positivity Blog has 16 Things I Wish They Had Taught Me in School. I say it's never too late to learn!

On a non-saluting note, I'm working on a top secret, excitement-inducing project especially for you lot... And I have one question, would you ever consider buying Charade in book form? I'm going to stick a poll up in the sidebar, but please pipe up in your comments too!

Tally ho!

Friday, 19 June 2009

Dealing with Day-to-Day Depression

depressed girl in woods @ charadeImage thanks to april

As soon as someone lifts their head and utters that devilishly destructive word 'depression', it’s as if whole worlds go up in smoke, a personality disappears, a life goes down the drain. Admitting it is like saying ‘hey, I have no life, the absence of which I pine for every darn second of the day, please feel intensely sorry for me.’ Depression is a big, dirty word to most, and it is judged accordingly.

But we of the real world know a different story. We’re aware that, every so often, things just aren’t quite peachy as we’d like them to be, and we hit a downer. It doesn’t mean we’ve lost the will to live, or that we’re beyond help. It just means we’re down. It can come and go in mere minutes or hours, sometimes it can last days, or even weeks depending on our individual circumstances. There’s no shame in it, and there’s certainly no ignoring it.

Life is made up of innate peaks and troughs which we conquer daily. This creates rhythm and variety. Getting occasionally stuck or stalled in this rhythm is perfectly natural. Imagine living on a constant high-note: there’d be no time to check-in with yourself; life would become samey, boring in its persistent perfection. You’d become one-dimensional, superficial, like a sugar-free lollipop that looks the biz but tastes of nothing. It’s like bouncing on a trampoline: you have to go down before you come up, otherwise you’re just… hovering, coldly, three feet in the air – where’s the fun in that?

Sometimes, things can be going along just fine, with no cause for concern, and then, out of nowhere, you’re hit with the blues. It is nature’s way of telling you that something is off, whether you are aware of it or not, and that time is needed for a little self-love and lesson learning. It’s the swing of the pendulum, the swell and crash of your rich emotional reserves, like the waves of an ocean, making their presence felt, not allowing you to forget the gentle sensitivities and concealed yearnings of your deepest, truest self.

We can’t ignore these dips, as unpleasant as they might feel, they’re part of what makes us human, but, equally, we can’t let them take over our lives. We must accept them for what they are: low, humming notes in the orchestra of our existence, a platform upon which we can build the highest, most glorious peaks of ourselves. Let us deal with down-days, let us deal with that dastardly label ‘depression’.

Don’t push yourself. The biggest mistake I’ve made in the past when dealing with day-to-day depression is that I’ve tried to steam through it: ‘I’ve got no time for this fiddle-faddle, there’s work to be done’ and ultimately have failed to acknowledge that there is a deeper issue. When you feel the pangs of depression, stop. Take a breather; sit with your thoughts for a moment. What’s up? If you can’t decipher the exact problem, simply allow yourself the chance to cheer-up. Stick on a favourite movie, run a bubble bath, shut out the world for a few blissful moments.

Treat yourself like an old friend. What would you do for them if they were down? You deserve the same care and attention. Take yourself out, buy yourself a small gift, pamper yourself, listen to your wants and needs and grant them where possible.

Try something new. The eternal mystery of why we can suddenly feel out of sorts when nothing has actually changed can be solved with the knowledge that, as a species, we desire variety, newness, surprise and adventure. If your life has been ticking over at a particularly high level of hunky-dory in the past months, consider breaking with convention and set yourself a new challenge. It can be anything from taking up a new hobby to a whole new career direction.

Get to know your body. As females we are far more susceptible to emotional upsets than our male counterparts. That’s not because we’re sissies, it is due to our hormones. Know that your body is working in different ways for you at different times of the month and that you have to make allowances for these changes. If you feel down, teary for no reason and physically tired, it will often be a result of hormonal changes. Accept the situation for what it is, take a time-out, and don’t indulge in your feelings so far as to drag up other emotional issues (they are better dealt with when you have a clearer perspective!)

Inspire your senses. Your senses are integral to the way you feel about the world around you, of course they are; they make up your only real impression of it. That’s why on a grey, dull day you often feel lousy– your senses aren’t being enlivened by the bright sun. Treat all your senses to a little wake-up call; listen to some of your favourite, most uplifting music, make your self a particularly spicy or zesty meal, get out for a walk in the elements – even if it’s raining – smell the air and really feel the world around you.

Think about it. The mind is a very powerful tool, and if you really want to, you can alter your outlook on just about anything. Dwell on the positive aspects in your life for long enough and you might just find those negative feelings have melted away.

Do you suffer the odd down-day? Have you struggled to come to terms with bouts of depression? How have you dealt with wavering emotions in the past?

Tuesday, 16 June 2009

10 Stupidly Easy Ways to Improve Your Health Now

I promised you some healthy living posts, so here is what I hope to be the first of many more to come… Enjoy! And if you have any ideas or want to contribute an article on the healthy living theme, then get in touch: mycharade@hotmail.com

healthy eating hot chili peppers @ Student CharadeImage thanks to Kyle May

Everyone’s lifestyle is different, but there are little things we can all do to improve our day to day health. I’m no dietician, but these are all things I’ve been implementing lately with some success and, I can tell you, they’re blimmin’ easy:

1. A sprinkling of seeds. These little gems are choc-full of great nutrients like protein, iron and zinc, with all manner of amazing health benefits. They are so easy to add to your regular eating that you’ve got no excuse not to, and just one tablespoon a day is enough to have a positive impact. Buy seeded bread instead of your standard loaf; roast seeds in the oven with a sprinkling of soy sauce or spices and eat as a snack, or have on salads, soups and stir fry’s.

2. Super smoothies. A spectacularly easy way to meet your five a day, and so tasty. You can let your imagination go wild with combinations; how about raspberry, apple and cinnamon? Or a creamy concoction with the addition of some pro-biotic yogurt into a strawberry and banana affair? They’ll feel like a real treat at any time of day, but make a great wholesome alternative to a rich dessert. Beware of calorific shop bought smoothies though, make your own and remember: fruit counts as calories, so don’t overdo it!

3. A slight increase of activity. The smallest changes in your activity routine can make the world of difference. So, if you’ve got a couple of pounds to shed, you need not head straight to the gym. Try walking around whilst on the phone rather than sitting in one spot; always take the stairs rather than the lift; get up and do some star-jumps in the ad breaks of your favourite TV show; turn your stereo up and have a boogie whilst getting dressed in the morning and undressed at night; and walk with more purpose, taking wide steps and engaging your stomach and buttock muscles. Enough of these tiny additions to your day will have a significant impact on the amount of calories you’re burning.

4. Control portion size. Always over-stuff yourself at meal times? Try switching to a plate just two inches smaller than your regular dinner plate. Get to know your food groups and portion sizes because, even if you’re eating the right things, the amount you eat could be tipping you over your recommended calorie intake.

5. Keep a water bottle to hand all day. We all know we should drink plenty of water, but it’s tricky to remember it throughout the day. If you needed a swig of water now, have you got a glass or a bottle to hand? If not, you could benefit from keeping a large bottle of water with you at all times. The larger the bottle you fill up at the start of the day, the more it’ll help you to monitor how much water you’re actually drinking.

6. Be aware of your habits. What seems like an innocent treat, like a couple of biscuits or a bar of chocolate, repeated day after day in a lifestyle that’s not particularly active, can build up to contribute to significant weight gain. Keep a food diary so you know what you’re really eating, and keep that cheeky treat as exactly that, a treat, not a twice daily occurrence.

7. Eat regularly. The longer you go without eating, the more likely you are to attack that big box of doughnuts. So, another simple way to make a big impact on your health is to organise wholesome snacks for yourself regularly (around every 2-3 hours). Again, keep portions small and remember that fruit, veg and nuts, although packed with vitamins, can also be quite calorific, so choose wisely.

8. Rethink the social aspect of food. Rather than heading out for a meal, or cocktails and nachos with your friends, find cheap and fun alternatives that double as a great work-out. Ice skating, salsa dancing, horse riding, indoor climbing, hiking – they’re all superb ways to have a laugh and burn a shed load of calories rather than piling them on.

9. Get into the habit of always leaving a morsel of food on your plate at the end of a meal, always. We seem to have been conditioned to always finish what’s on our plate, when in reality this often means we stagger away from the table feeling over stuffed. It takes a good few minutes for your body to realise that it’s full, so don’t treat it like a waste bin. Stop when you know you’ve eaten a decent portion, not when there’s nothing left to scoff.

10. Listen to your body. This is the most important health tip of all. The body is a very clever machine and it wants to work with you, not against you. If you constantly crave high fat and high sugar treats, it’s probably because your regular diet isn’t providing you with the right sustenance. Listen to the messages your body gives you; the sluggishness, the aches and pains, the spots, the furry tongue – they’re all signs that something is not right. Feed your body well and monitor its reaction to certain foods. If you know you feel far livelier after a large salad at lunch rather than burger and fries, why do you keep ignoring this message? Treat your body right and it will do the same for you.

Do you have any additional health tips to add? What are the simple habits you implement to keep your physique in tip-top form? Perhaps we can put together a top twenty...

Monday, 15 June 2009

Words to Live By #43

Image thanks to migraine chick

"The great successful people of the world have used their imagination... they think ahead and create their mental picture, and then go to work materializing that picture in all its details, filling in here, adding a little there, altering this a bit and that a bit, but steadily building - steadily building."
Robert Collier

Saturday, 13 June 2009

The Saturday Salute 13.06.09

Firstly, I'll Salute myself for getting an article published over at Independent Fashion Bloggers (ooer!) which may be of interest if you are a blogger yourself. It's titled Get Real: How to Beat Blogging Perfectionism and there's been some interesting feedback, so go get involved!

Fabulously Broke compiles her own comprehensive list of The Best Foods to Eat which is definitely print-worthy.

The BBC reports on how student's save for their business dreams. So what I'm doing right now.

I love, love, love the attitude of Dime Piece, don't you?

Both items from Dime Piece

I've also fallen a little head over heels for Penny Lane. I suspect you might too.

Bye, bye cuteypies!

Thursday, 11 June 2009

How to do 1980's Style on a Budget

1980's style is everywhere right now, in fact, I'm inclined to believe it never actually went away... We can evoke the 50's, 60's and 70's with an eye for vintage and a little web-snooping, but we need only head down to our local high street to make a nod at the era of Dynasty.

The Icons

Past ~ Deborah Harry

Present ~ Agyness Deyn

(Click images for source)

Two top rock chicks (both with androgynous tendencies) encapsulate the 80's with perfect precision.

The Colours

Bright jewels and neons were the order of the day when it came to the 1980's palette, and this was accentuated with a truckload of glitzy gold costume jewelery. Basically, if it's gloriously garish and over-the-top, you're onto a winner.

A modern 80's inspired editorial found via bleu bird vintage

The Staples

There are a few simple but vital points of focus you'll want to snap up to get the 1980's look working in your wardrobe. Here are my ideas:

1. If it's big, tacky, gold, garish and your mother wouldn't agree with it, it's an 80's accessory staple for sure.

2. Everywhere at the moment, a stylish blazer can set off a variety of outfits.

3. Think Flashdance, legwarmers are a bargain way to bring the 80's into your wardrobe.

4. Massive in the 80's and now coined by the likes of Lily Allen, trainers make a comfortable and fun alternative to your Mary Jane's.

5. Leggings. As if they need 'introducing' into your wardrobe, though a staple nonetheless.

6. A sexy clutch shows that you mean business when it comes to 80's fashion.

7. You won't have to look far in the big-name stores for a bright ruffled dress for a few seasons yet, I'm sure.

The Hair

'?' thanks to fashion haircuts

...Ahem, yes, well, this is one I'm not exactly sure we do wish to emulate. Dodgy perm? Crimping? Mullets? No thanks. You might fancy a mighty quiff and super teased side ponytail like this one though.

The Shopping Hotspots

♥ Think 80's, think American Apparel.

High-Waist Skirt / Dress from American Apparel

Lola Vintage have some cuter than cute finds including completely on-trend bow belts. I want one! The prices are friendly enough for every budget too.

Belt and Blazer both from Lola Vintage.

♥ Rokit, as always, is a treasure trove for your vintage requirements.

Both Dresses from Rokit

Extra Inspiration:

♥ Check out this article on 80's fashion from Love to Know.

♥ Please, please watch Mannequin.

And that's it for my era style series! Hope you enjoyed it. Just realised I completely forgot to include any makeup advice... But perhaps that's another series for another time...