Thursday, 4 June 2009

How to do 1970's Style on a Budget

Fashion in the 1950's and 60's was great, but things really took off in the 1970's. Suddenly, the attitude went all 'anything goes', and styles and trends from all over the globe filtered in. The western women of the 70's were hair-flickingly-fabulous, and you can be too with this budget guide to 1970's style!

The Icons
Past ~ Farrah Fawcett

Present ~
Mischa Barton

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What a pair of beauties. I only wish that I could pull off the comfy, casual, fun-in-the-sun side to the seventies so well!

The Colours

There were many facets to the 1970’s woman; the ethnic print peasant girl of whom the essence was natural, long, flowing locks and fabrics in earthy browns and greens; the spangled disco diva in hot pants and rollerblades; and the girl next door in bell-bottoms and dodgy knits. All are perfectly valid ways to evoke the Abba era.

The Staples

The addition of a few statement items into your wardrobe can get you on the road to 70’s style without having to spend over the odds. Here are some ideas:

1. Platforms make any outfit worthy of 70's status.

2. Easier travel and a nature lovin’ vibe meant that ethnic trends were very popular in the 1970’s, and what cheaper way to evoke this than with a few feathered accessories.

3. You can get jumpsuits in all your favourite high street stores right now for a snip and they make a great stand alone 70’s piece.

4. Just for fun… rollerblading does make for great exercise!

5. If you had the booty, the 70’s had the hot pants.

6. A loose fitting peasant blouse works well for that understated 70’s look.

7. Flares! I couldn’t very well leave them out now could I? Luckily, they’re popping up all over the place right now so you can grab them cheaply.

The Hair

Headband from Mixbaby Design

♥ Big, loose, voluptuous curls are a sure-fire way to get that 1970’s hairstyle right. There’s a really simple 70’s hair tutorial using heated rollers here.

♥ And, if you’re desperate for that Fawcett flick, then Iris has the best tutorial I found.

The Shopping Hotspots

♥ ASOS do hippy chick so well...

All items from ASOS

Martha's Closet also has some gorgeous vintage 70's garb at really reasonable prices.

Dress from Martha's Closet

♥ And, as always, Modcloth have the vintage 1970's look down.

Both items from Modcloth

Extra Inspiration:

♥ You've got to love That 70's Show.

♥ Check out all this 1970's design, there's everything from art to fashion to interiors.

Any fun links or tips to add? Will you be giving 1970's style a go?


Sherin said...

Ooooo, I can't wait to try this look out. I think flared jeans rock!

Wanderlusting said...

With my "un-skinny jean friendly" body, I've always been a flared pants fan, so I often inadvertently dress 70's, especially because I am also a platform wedges fan! And a maxi dress fan...and now with my "hippie hair" it's 70's all the way!

PS your bangs are so killer - you look HAWT!

California Sunshine said...

I've never been a fan of the leather tassel look like with that vest, but I've seen SO many boots and flats with that! I've heard that the boho/70s look is coming back into fashion for the summer/fall. I love the flares and peasant tops, they're so cute!

The New Black said...

I love the Martha's cute!

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