Saturday, 20 June 2009

The Saturday Salute 20.06.09

Image thanks to meerbabykat

Things are a little slow around here just now. I've relocated to my parents' place in Wales and am feeling a distinct lack of motivation. Hopefully, if the sun comes out, I'll get out in the garden for some magical eclectic aesthetic shots this coming week... Other than that, I have two competitions lined up for the near future, so be alert!

Hello linkage:

I'm hoping to bag a new laptop soon (mine is too big and not very clever.) Did you know Colour Ware will do you a Macbook in any colour of the rainbow? And, if that's out of your price-range, Velvet Pink on etsy will tuck your not-so-pretty piece of hardware up in one of these. Startlingly cute.

If that doesn't hit your cuteometer hard enough, Paper and String will finish you off.

Spilled Milk Magazine is deserving of a mention for aesthetic value alone, as is College Mogul if you're entrepreneurial in spirit.

And The Positivity Blog has 16 Things I Wish They Had Taught Me in School. I say it's never too late to learn!

On a non-saluting note, I'm working on a top secret, excitement-inducing project especially for you lot... And I have one question, would you ever consider buying Charade in book form? I'm going to stick a poll up in the sidebar, but please pipe up in your comments too!

Tally ho!


Rosie Unknown said...

Ohh! Thanks for sharing about ColourWare! I want to get a Macbook sometime in the future, so this is of definite interest.

Jennifer said...

Oooooo, top secret. I'm excited already.

Sherin said...

Love the '16 things I wish they taught in school', especially #4.

As for a charade book: would be very interesting. But would love to have all your 'words to live by' in one book, surrounded by pretty pages and pictures...

Voila Megan said...

Rosie Unknown - Aren't they super? A bright pink macbook? Yes please!

Jennifer - Yay! Me too!

Sherin - Without giving too much away... You might just be in luck there ;)

Marie said...

I think the Velvet Pink laptop covers were my favourite this week.

Harriet said...

I really enjoyed Spilled Milk - thanks for the link! The photos are gorgeous, and there are some pretty interesting articles too!

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