Saturday, 27 June 2009

The Saturday Salute 27.06.09

Mwah! thanks to nyki m

Now then, let us see what we have this week...

Some interesting posts just recently from Zen Habits including Why Motivation Doesn't Really Matter and All the Advice on Happiness You'll Ever Need.

A first look as Tim Burton Takes Alice to a Weird, Wild Wonderland.

I've been tempted this week by some of the gorgeously romantic garb from Pinky Pinky on etsy, including this ruffle dress. Their prices are particularly reasonable might I add.

And Betty Confidential has 55 Simple Summer Pleasures. Number one and number fifty two are my favourite, and kind of go together... wink wink.


Sherin said...

I seriously can't wait for the Alice in Wonderland film. I love Tim Burton and hes going to make the story amazing!

Zoe said...

Yep, me too.
I think the Alice in Wonderland done by Mr Burton will be very interesting indeedy!

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