Friday, 10 July 2009

Still Time to Win With The Original Doll!

Just a little nudge to let you know there's still time to win one of these four insanely cute accessories from, just by having a play on Polyvore. If you're new to Polyvore, it's easy to sign up and is honestly the most fun you can have on the internet without anyone taking their clothes off.

If you've already entered, enter again, for twice, or even thrice, the winning potential! If you've got an old set that perfectly defines your summer style, by Jove you can rename it and enter that! Don't miss a chance to get something fabulous for free, that's got to be any true Charadette's dream!

Here's a little more inspiration from yours truly:

Stripes Galore Along The Shore

Product Information

Has beach volley ball ever looked so good?

Wild At Heart

For the sacred of spirit, the hippest of hippies, a look that'll see you through festival after festival.

Sexy Spy in St Tropez

For the stylista with a score to settle, complete with voice recorder to catch that vital evidence!

Remember, the only rules for entry are:

♥ Get your Polyvore on, showcasing your idea of summer style.

♥ Begin your look's title 'Charade Summer Style - '

♥ Include a brief explanation of your look and a link to the competition in the notes section when publishing.

♥ Leave a link to your contribution in the comments section of this post (the original competition post.)

Go on, give it a go, you've got nothing to lose and a whole lotta' cute to gain!

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